5 of the Prettiest Crystal DIY Projects

5 of the Prettiest Crystal DIY Projects

So you've binged all the Netflix shows on your list, cleaned the pantry, called all your girlfriends, and now what? If you need some new activities to get through your social quarantine, I have some ideas for you. These crystal projects are great to keep for yourself, or give as little gifts. Mail the finished projects to friends and spread the love!

Bonus tip: I'm currently gifting a free pouch of crystals with every jewelry order. These projects would be a great way to repurpose those crystals!

DIY Hidden Gem Candle

Gemstone Candle DIY

This project may look intimidating at first, but I promise it's not hard at all! These gemstone candles will look stunning in your home, but anyone would be impressed with these as a gift. They won't believe you made them!

DIY Crystal Air Plant Holders

DIY Crystal Air Planter

If you have larger crystals lying around that you want to repurpose, then this crystal plant holder DIY is for you! Turning your crystal into an air planter is way easier than you might think.

DIY Crystal Wine Stoppers

Crystal Wine Stopper Tutorial

The easiest and least expensive of all the DIYs. This crystal wine stopper project is basically one step! You'll feel a little extra when drinking wine and FaceTiming your friends this week.

DIY Crystal Aromatherapy Rollerballs

Essential Oil Roller DIY

This is an easy way to combine the benefits of crystals and essential oils, and these perfumes are perfect for throwing in your bag and using during times of stress!

DIY Crystal Terrarium

DIY Crystal Terrarium Dani Barbe

Finally, my personal favorite, a gorgeous terrarium filled with crystals! 

If you're looking for more DIY projects, like smudge sticks, gemstone soap, or ring dishes, you can find even more ideas right here.

Stay safe and healthy, friend. x

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