5 Crystals to Improve Your Love Life

5 Crystals to Improve Your Love Life

If you're hoping to get shot by Cupid this February, raw stones and crystals are perfect for fine-tuning your vibrations and attracting romantic energies into your space.

From handmade necklaces to bohemian bracelets, here are our favorite handmade jewelry pieces for improving your love life – whether you're looking for a first date accessory or a gift for that special person.

Rose Quartz

Stones for love attraction

With its blush pink hues and its nurturing vibes, rose quartz is often associated with romance, love, and care.

Wear our unique rose quartz earrings to clear your energy and help you communicate better – rose quartz is known for boosting compassion and understanding.

How to use rose quartz to attract love

If raw gemstone bracelets are more your thing, throw on our rose quartz, citrine and garnet cuffs. With three – that's right, three! – crystals associated with romance and passion, our cuff is a must-have for anyone searching for love.


 Crystals for love and happiness

Moonstone is a top pick for lovers, whether you're creating profiles on dating sites or you're hoping to get even closer with your longtime partner.

It's also one of the stones most heavily associated with femininity, so it's perfect for helping you embrace your inner goddess. Our favorite piece is our signature handmade raw crystal cocktail ring adorned with one-of-a-kind moonstone cuts.

Crystals for love and protection

if you're looking for something even daintier, check out these handmade earrings. However you wear moonstone you’re sure to shine.


Crystals for love and marriage

Emerald is one of the most versatile crystals out there, and it's not just because it's gorgeous enough to set off any outfit. Emerald promotes healing at every chakra level, and it's particularly good for boosting your heart chakra. It encourages interconnection and affection.

It's perfect for wearing on those first few dates or an extra-special anniversary with your partner. Check out our unique raw emerald studs for some good vibrations on your next date.


Crystals for long distance relationships

Crystal jewelry doesn't get more eye-catching than the above opal medallion. We refer to opal as the “emotional stabilizer”. It’s long been associated with love and romance. And, wearing it close to your heart helps to connect the stone with your heart chakra, which leads the way when it comes to chemistry and attraction.

Crystals for love and romance

For an extra boost, set off your look with our opal and aquamarine raw gemstone ring. Subtle but stunning, our versatile opal pieces are perfect accessories whatever the season.


Crystals for love and peace

Attract healing energies this February with our stunning turquoise cuff bracelet. Known for its peaceful vibes, the turquoise stone is perfect for keeping your spirits high and energized in your search for love. And let's be honest – we all need a little confidence boost when it comes to dating and finding the one!

Gemstones for love and marriage

For a cute first date look, pair our turquoise cuff with our gorgeous handmade earrings like these beauties or our turquoise stacking ring. You're sure to turn heads with these pieces.

The Ultimate Crystal Healing Box

Crystals for love

Too many choices and not sure which stones to buy? Don't worry, we've got you. Check out our stunning heart-shaped crystal box. You can store your favorite love and self-care stones in one place for an extra energy boost.

It also makes a fantastic gift for the crystal lover in your life. Don't miss out on these limited edition hearts of goodness

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