A Modern Bohemian’s Guide to Accessorizing

A Modern Bohemian’s Guide to Accessorizing

Well, it happened again. In the blink of an eye, leaves are changing; temps are dropping, and now we’re swapping out our tanks and sundresses for warm knits and cozy coats.

Whether it comes to clothing or creating my jewelry designs, I’ve always considered myself a bit of a minimalist. I gravitate towards a few eye-catching pieces (usually crystals!) that make a statement, and then I just build around those.

Here’s my foolproof take for accessorizing…

1. Start with a neutral stone, like a Herkimer diamond

I always start with a neutral, in this case, a Herkimer diamond or quartz. Herkimer diamond is one my favorite stones—because it goes with anything. I consider this stone the “blue jeans” of crystals. It will work with just about anything, adding sparkle but not competing with other colors.

 Bohemian Necklace by Dani Barbe

A Herkimer diamond medallion provides a solid base

Handmade Artisan Jewelry by Dani Barbe

Add raw stones that complement the colors in your larger pieces

Add in a few (or several!) Herkimer diamond bangles for some extra sparkle. A quartz ring (or a stack of them) will work with any layered look without competing.

2. Choose one or two pops of color

Choose a few pops of color as a contrast. In this case, turquoise and citrine stones. An unlikely combo that is gorgeous together. I’m wearing a mustard-colored blouse (there’s the pop of color for my clothing!), but this combo will complement so many colors. Here, the turquoise picks up the blue in my jeans, while the golden citrine brings out the yellow in my blouse.

Boho Bracelets by Dani Barbe

These turquoise cuffs pair effortlessly with Herkimer diamonds

Lay on the sparkle in an eye-catching stack with citrine and quartz stacking rings. And a second stack (because why not?) features the topaz, labradorite, and iolite ring paired with a turquoise stacking ring.

3. Add in something unexpected

Whether it’s a leopard jacket or a little mystery with some mood jewelry, I love adding an unexpected twist.

Boho Style Jewelry by Dani Barbe

Add depth and visual interest with an unexpected element or two

For this outfit, I chose pieces that pair mood stones with Herkimer diamonds, adding a neutral color to accentuate the mood stones’ shifting colors.

Bohemian Style Jewelry by Dani Barbe

Adding the final touches, pairing studs with hoops for an eclectic, boho vibe

Next, I layered on colors, pairing mood stone studs along with my turquoise hoops, taking my double piercing up a notch.

Bohemian Rings by Dani Barbe

Top it off with a mood stone stack!

This stack of three mood rings on my right hand will change colors throughout the day and will likely guarantee that people will stop and stare. You’ll definitely take center stage with this combo!

Remember, the trick to layering on colors is to always add at least three of each color you layer. That way, you balance your visual impact even as you channel your inner free spirit.

With this guide, you’ll rock all of fall’s rich colors all the way into the holidays. Find your autumn muse, grab some amazing new accessories, and enjoy all the pumpkin lattes the season has to offer!

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