Crystals to Bring Good Luck All Year Round

Crystals to Bring Good Luck All Year Round

The Irish tradition of wearing green isn’t the only thing to bring you good luck on St. Patrick’s Day — or on any other time of the year for that matter. Raw crystals set into handcrafted jewelry can take your fashion game to a whole new level, bringing good fortune with every sparkle.

Feng Shui Your Wardrobe with Fiery Citrine

Like a warm flame on a chilly March day, citrine elevates the firepower of practically every outfit in your wardrobe. And, if you’re into feng shui, it’s the perfect raw gemstone to attract good luck into your life whenever you wear it.

According to feng shui practitioner Sally Painter, wearing citrine enhances both prosperity and good health. And, when you wear jewelry that features citrine, like these handmade citrine earrings, their cheery vibes reach out to others with their orangey-warm glow.

Crystals for luck and money

Pair your earrings with this stunning amethyst, citrine, and carnelian pendant, sending luck into overdrive — along with your style quotient. Amethyst not only activates good luck, Painter says, but can also turn the tide of bad luck. And even better, it can enhance your love life when worn close to your heart.

Crystals for beginners Amethyst Carnelian Pendant

Turn Hope into Good Luck with Amazonite

Its pastel blue echoing the spring sky, amazonite — the symbol of hope — can help turn your hopes and dreams into reality. Courage and good luck simply radiate from its center, washing away energy barriers and hurtful thoughts that put a wall between you and success.

So, for that next presentation or job interview, stack a few of these stunning amazonite rings on your fingers. Set into a 14-karat gold plate, they channel the uplifting power of the sun and sky, elevating your spirit with every turn of your hand.

Lucky Crystal Jewelry Amazonite Ring

Or, wear one of these delicate rings solo, accenting it with matching studs for a pulled-together look that shouts “spring” at every step. With a little extra courage right when you need it, thanks to your amazonite power, you’ll nail whatever life throws at you.

Crystals for Success Amazonite Studs

Enhance Spirituality and Banish Negativity with Carnelian

The favored gem of prophets, priests, and kings, carnelian has a reputation as a powerful talisman. Reported to enhance your spirituality while warding off negative energies, carnelian is one crystal you won’t want to leave out of your jewelry collection. And, if you’re a late-March Aries, carnelian adds jet fuel to your driven personality.

Crystals for Good Energy

Studded with carnelian and a gorgeous array of other crystals, this handcrafted cuff bracelet piles on the good vibes with lucky amethyst and citrine joining the combo. Pink tourmaline adds a touch of pastel for the perfect accessory to take you from winter into spring.

Then, intensify their power with this intriguing curve necklace featuring the same stones. Delicate and uber-modern, this necklace’s minimalist profile delivers maximum protective energy with carnelian in the mix.

Crystals for Protection Amethyst Carnelian Necklace

Find Your True North with Labradorite

Inuit legends say that these unique gemstones have captured the Northern Lights. And with their stunning flashes of gray, white, and blue, who can argue?

That’s not all they’ve captured. With their Zen of calm, they bring with them serendipity — unexpected good luck — to put a smile on your face and better fortune in life.

Crystals to bring good luck Topaz Ring

Those qualities make this asymmetric cocktail ring a must-wear when you have a decision to make, particularly ones involving money. Bringing clarity along with flashes of wisdom, thanks to the topaz and iolite in the mix, it’s a definite must in your accessory arsenal.

This March 17, take a detour from the usual. Wear these lucky crystals to your St. Patrick’s Day party and enjoy good fortune all year long!

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