DIY Detoxifying Clay Mask

DIY Detoxifying Clay Mask

A change in season seems to always lead to unwanted skin issues. Our summer skincare routine is filled with exfoliating products and masks that pull out all of the unwanted gunk that seems to add up faster in the warmer months. Winter is all about moisturizing and gentle products, but fall is somewhat of a gray area. For us, we like to use a combination of moisturizing and detoxifying products on our skin. After all, skincare is basically one big balancing act, right?!

We wanted to create a clay mask recipe that wasn’t just your average harsh-but-effective pore-clearing mask. To add some moisture to clay recipes we found on the web, we decided to add to of our favorite skincare ingredients – rose water & rosehip seed oil. Both ingredients help soothe & nourish our sensitive skin which we really need when working with clay masks (clay can be harsh on sensitive skin!).

This mask ended up being extremely easy to make and it was really effective at targeting our skin concerns – breakouts and dryness.

DIY Clay Mask


1 TB bentonite clay – there are SO many skin benefits from topical application of this so-called healing clay. The clay helps to remove toxins from your pores, reduces inflammation, heal acne & acne scarring, helps control the overproduction of sebum (oil), softens skin, evens out skintone and so much more.

1.5 TB rosewater – has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe irritation, calm skin and reduce redness.

2 TB water

1 capsule of activated charcoal – keeps your pores clean by sucking out dirt and oil. Bonus: clean pores equal smaller pores!

4 drops of rosehip seed oil rich in linoleic acid, linolenic acid and provitamin A that work together to reduce the signs of sun damage & restore an even, radiant tone.


Step 1: Combine your dry ingredients first, the 1 TB of bentonite clay and the 1 capsule of activated charcoal.

DIY Clay Mask

DIY Clay Mask

Step 2: Add wet ingredients next. In no particular order add 2 TB of normal water and 1.5 TB of rosewater to the dry ingredients. We found it easier to mix with a fork instead of a spoon.

DIY Clay Mask Step 2

Step 3: Time to add the rosehip seed oil! We love rosehip seed oil so we did 4 drops but feel free to do more or less depending on your taste. If you add too much it will thin out the mixture.

DIY Clay Mask Step 3

Step 4: Apply to your face and let sit for approx. 10 min until dry.

DIY Clay Mask Step 4

DIY Clay Mask Step 4

Step 5: Rinse mask off with warm water. Gently massage excess mask into skin in circular motions for added exfoliation. When the mask is completely rinsed off, pat dry with a face towel.

DIY Clay Mask Step 5

DIY Clay Mask Step 5

Written & photographed for by Britta & Carli Garsow

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