Harvest Cocktail Recipe

Harvest Cocktail Recipe

Fall is the best for many reasons, one of which being the food & drink patterns. We will gladly trade salad for soup or white wine for red any day. It’s the season of warm comfort food and equally as comforting drinks which is right up our alley. This fall, we wanted to create a cocktail that was comforting but not a warm beverage. Some people are big on hot alcoholic drinks, but we are not those people.

We both immediately thought to use apple cider as the base of this drink because apples are one of our favorite foods all year round. Apple cider is also usually pre-season to include all those warm, fall spices which make it an easy drink base. To make it even more fall, we thought it would be fun to add some cranberry juice and a dash of cinnamon.

To get the entire recipe, just keep reading!

Dani Barbe Harvest Cocktail Recipe



Apple cider

Cranberry juice

Soda water

Cinnamon Apples & skewers for garnish


Fill your glass(es) with ice.

Measure out 1.5oz of apple cider and pour that in the glass (most jiggers have a 1.5 oz side and a 1oz side. A standard shot glass is usually 1.5oz as well).

Dani Barbe Apple Cider Cocktail

Pour 1.5 oz of vodka into the glass next.

Dani Barbe Harvest Cocktail Recipe with Apple Cider

Measure out 1 oz of cranberry juice and pour that in the glass next.

Dani Barbe Fall Harvest Cocktail with Cranberry Juice

Measure out 1.5 oz of soda water and add that in last (note – we did 1 oz initially and thought it needed more).

Dani Barbe Fall Harvest Cocktail with Club Soda

Add a dash of cinnamon to each glass.

For garnish, slice up apples and put on a skewer on the rim of the glass.  

Dani Barbe Fall Cocktail Recipe

That’s it! It’s such an easy cocktail – anyone can make it. We love how these turned out and we hope you do too. Feel free to tweak each of the ingredient quantities as you see fit. We know some people like their beverages more carbonated than others. For those of you that love a good cranberry vodka, you could always do more cranberry juice than apple cider, it would probably be really good too!

Dani Barbe Apple Cocktail Recipe

Written & photographed for danibarbe.com by Britta & Carli Garsow

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