Favorite Fall Nail Polishes

Favorite Fall Nail Polishes

We look forward to fall nail polish trends all year long. We can’t wait to trade in our pinks and pastels for deep berries, rich browns and metallics. Choosing our top four fall nail polish shades was very hard, there are so many good options! But we managed to narrow it down and it goes without saying that we highly recommend you pick up all of these shades this fall!

Dani Barbe Favorite Fall Nail Polish

KL Polish ‘Caramello’ - a mustard-pumpkin
Moonstone Square Ring

Probably the most unique nail polish shade we own, Caramello is one tough color to describe. In the bottle it looks like a warm mustard but once you put it on your nails it has a lot more depth to it (definitely some brown and orange tones coming through). If you’re sick of all the standard nail polish shades, we highly suggest picking this up for fall. Bonus: the applicator on these polishes is amazing, it’s wide and spreads the color evenly across the whole nail!

Dani Barbe Favorite Fall Nail Polishes

Sally Hansen ‘Terra Coppa’ - a true rose gold 
Amazonite Halo Ring | Amazonite Stacking Ring

This was the first shade we purchased from Sally Hansens’ Miracle Gel line and we couldn't believe the price. Back when we were younger, Sally Hansen was the affordable nail polish brand and OPI was something you bought once in awhile. How could this Sally polish be more than a bottle of OPI?! Well, this is no basic Sally Hansen formula. THe formula is a 2-step gel system with no light needed. You’re supposed to apply the color and then the miracle gel top coat on top. Even when we use our normal top coat, this polish lasts forever. 

This shade is a true rose gold that isn’t glittery at all, it’s just pure shimmer (has a beautiful sheen to it). This particular shade is great too because it’s less noticeable when it starts to chip.

Dani Barbe Favorite Fall Nail Polishes

Essie ‘Bahama Mama’ - a warm, rich, creamy deep plum 
Peridot Stacking Ring | Emerald Stacking Ring

Another Essie polish on our fall polishes list! To be honest, we’re actually not huge fans of Essie’s formula or applicator but we can’t deny they kill it in the color department. A few years back, we saw this particular stunning plum shade circling around Pinterest and knew we had to have it. We actually replaced our first bottle before it was even empty so we’re never without this shade, that’s how much we love it! It’s one of those shades that looks perfect in fall and winter so you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

Dani Barbe Favorite Fall Nail Polishes

Essie ‘Very Structured’ - a classic burnt sienna
Sunstone Square Ring

Every time October comes around, we look forward to working in burnt orange tones in every part of our look. From blush to lipstick to sweaters, we want to own everything in burnt orange. We went for a hunt for our perfect burnt orange nail polish last fall and found Essie’s ‘Very Structured’ polish. This particular burnt orange has quite a bit of brown in it making it pair perfectly with whatever you’re wearing. Definitely a must-buy for fall!

Rings featured: Moonstone Square Ring | Amazonite Halo Ring | Amazonite Stacking Ring | Peridot Stacking Ring | Emerald Stacking Ring | Sunstone Square Ring

Written & photographed for danibarbe.com by Britta & Carli Garsow 

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