Gemstone Jewelry to Celebrate Earth Day

Gemstone Jewelry to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is just around the corner! This April 22, wear eco-friendly raw gemstone jewelry to pay homage to Mother Earth’s beauty. 

Celebrate the Sea with an Ocean of Blue and Pearl 

Boho Ring Set

Get inspired with the calming, cleansing vibes that wearing blue crystals evokes.

With every shade of blue that nature has infused into Earth’s oceans, this blue ombre ring features a stunning array of blue gemstones. Sapphire, lapis, blue topaz, turquoise, aquamarine, and blue tourmaline create waves of sparkling blue.

Ethically sourced, these gemstones represent fair wages for those workers that mined them. They’re as kind to the earth’s people as you are to Mother Earth herself.

Boho Necklace

Shimmering and dreamy, pearls symbolize incorruptibility and perfection. Set into a delicate bar of 14k gold plate, three freshwater pearls take center stage.

And, if your birthday happens to lie in June, treat yourself to a little extra – a birthday present that will make you feel as good inside as you look on the outside. Featuring June’s favored birthstone, our pearl collection will spark a little magic when you pair a few of these pieces with your pearl necklace.

Ground Yourself with Earth-Tone Gems

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

Surrounded by the colors of the trees and sky, yellow-brown raw topaz grounds you with its earthy vibe. Soothing and stabilizing, topaz opens you to all the love the universe can hold. Paired with Herkimer diamonds to amplify its earthy energy, as well as sapphire and emerald, it’s the perfect combo for an amazing Earth Day!

If you’re lucky enough to have been born in April, May, September, or November, this gorgeous cuff has you covered. With birthstones for all four months, this bracelet makes the perfect birthday gift for yourself or your best friend.

Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry

Studded with ethically sourced raw emeralds, these hoop earrings are as stunning as they are earth-friendly. Evoking the color of newly emerging leaves and grass, they’re a must-have accessory for your Earth Day celebration.

The emeralds’ stabilizing energy brings everything into balance, and, if you’re a Taurus, wearing emeralds boosts your luck in life and love.

Wear this planet’s most precious treasures this Earth Day. Browse through our spring collection of raw gemstones to find your faves!

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