Holiday 2019 Gift Guide

Holiday 2019 Gift Guide

The cooler weather and mention of the holidays likely has you already humming your favorite holiday tune around the house while pulling out your decorations and making your very own naughty and nice list.

With the holidays comes all of the things we love:
• Food
• Family
• Friends
• Fun


While giving and receiving gifts is fun, we know it can also be stressful. When you start making your list of people you need to buy for, you suddenly start realizing just how many gifts you have to come up with.

What will they like? What will show them you truly care?

Well, it's time to get shopping, and we've got a guide that lays it all out on the line for you.

Gifts for Your Wife/Girlfriend

Your girl. The love of your life. You have to get something special for the special lady in your life.

The holidays are yet another opportunity to make her feel loved, cared for, and cherished.

Our ruby curve necklace is a piece like no other, and we are confident your wife or girlfriend will cherish it almost as much as you cherish her.

The variation of the stones gives this already unique piece of jewelry an even more unique look.

Special Gift for Wife - Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts for Your Mom

Your mom was likely the first special woman in your life, and buying her a beautiful piece of jewelry to constantly be reminded of that is a great way to show her just how much you care.

Now, Mom is going to have her own style, but we have just the item for her. We like to keep it classy, but still fun and unique – like every good mom.

We think that something simple and elegant but with a little pop is the way to go for mom. And check out these aquamarine studs that will have mom hugging your neck:

Meaningful Gifts for Mom

Gifts for Your Sister

Siblings are those built-in best friends that sometimes you can't live with, but other times you couldn't live without.

Don't forget to remind your sister that even through the fighting and disagreeing as kids, she still means the world to you. Sisters offer a companionship like no other that should definitely be celebrated around the holidays.

Our Herkimer diamond threaders are elegant yet playful -- perfect for everyday use or that special occasion.

Best Gift for Sister

Gifts For That Special Friend

Buying holiday gifts for your friends is great for those holiday gatherings or just to remind them how much you appreciate them being there for you during the rest of the year. You want to make it meaningful, but you also want it to be practical.

One of our newest ombre birthstone rings is a great way to check all the boxes. Select a ring with one of their birthstones for something extra meaningful.

Gifts for the woman who has everything

Gifts For the Hard-to-Shop-For Friend/Relative

We all have one person in our life that is hard to shop for. Maybe they are very picky with what they will wear, or maybe they are the type that always says, “I don’t need anything,” so you just don’t have any true insight into what they really want. Regardless of what it is, that makes them the hard-to-shop-for person in your life. We have a solution – which is what really matters here.

Our curve band ring is simple, elegant, and versatile, but the curve gives it the slight bit of uniqueness it needs to stand out from other rings.

This ring can be worn in many different ways, with many different outfits.

Inexpensive Gifts for Coworkers

Gifts For Yourself

We fully believe in treating yourself all year long, and the holidays are no exception. You work hard for your money, and while it is important to remind others how much they mean to you, it is also important to remind yourself how important you are and why you deserve to be spoiled.

Our orange ombre birthstone ring is warm and classic - the perfect look for winter.

Good Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend

Whether you are shopping for that special someone in your life, the difficult person to buy for, or your best group of friends, we have something that will fit every occasion and style. Browse through our selections and find your go-to gifts this holiday season!

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