Holiday 2018 Gift Guide

Holiday 2018 Gift Guide

Fun fact, we pride ourselves on being pro-gift givers. We live for finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones and seeing their faces as they open those thoughtful gifts. It’s truly the best feeling.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that a lot of people aren’t like us. Although they love the idea of finding the perfect gift for the special people in their lives, they get overwhelmed and nervous looking for the perfect gift. Well, if you fall into that category of people, then we’re here to make your life a little easier!

We put together a gift guide to help you find the perfect Dani Barbe jewelry piece for each woman in your life. This includes your significant other, your friends, your sister, your mom and even that person that is impossible to shop for (we all know one, am I right?!).

For your girlfriend/wife

Rose Quartz Earrings Holiday Gift for Wife


Rose quartz is the gemstone of love so why not pick out a rose quartz piece for the one you love! One of our favorite rose quartz pieces from Dani Barbe are these halo earrings. They’re delicate and sophisticated yet cool at the same time. If we’re going deeper into the symbolization, circles also signify no beginning or end, infinite love. Perfect.

For your sister

Ruby Ring Holiday Gift for Sister


Any of the stacking rings are great, but our fave for Christmas time is this stunning ruby and garnet version. While you’re getting one for your sis, pick one up for yourself too. We have gotten matching rings twice now and refer to them as our “sister rings”. Every time we look at our rings we’re reminded how lucky we are to have each other.

For your group of friends or co-workers

Classic Gold Vermeil or Silver Band Rings Holiday Gift for Friends


Buying for a group? Look no further than Dani Barbe’s classic band rings. We don’t have a single friend who wouldn’t love a simple, band ring in their preferred metal finish (gold or silver). These timeless rings can be worn alone or paired with other rings - easy to customize to one’s taste!

For your best friend 

Herkimer Diamond Cuff Holiday Gift for Best Friend


Out of all the Dani Barbe jewelry, we think the line’s bracelets are the real stars. There’s only so many beautiful stones you can fit onto rings, earrings or necklaces, but the bracelets are filled with them. Your best friend will love one of these eye-catching pieces, specially the herkimer diamond cuff because the neutral tones of the stone go with everything!

For your mom 

Topaz Necklace Holiday Gift for Mom


This necklace is new to the DB line and we’re so happy with it! We think everyone wants to get mom something unique, something she hasn’t been gifted before. The combination of labradorite, topaz and iolite stones is beyond special and oh so beautiful. Your mom is going to love it!


For your one-of-a-kind friend 

Disc Earrings Unique Holiday Gift for Fashionable Friend


These fun, geometric earrings are anything but ordinary. We all have that one friend that is like no other and has a style that is far from basic. You need to get these earrings for her! She will appreciate the unique pairing of a round gold disc and crystal studs and will probably rock them with every outfit (because they go with everything!).

For that person who is hard to shop for 

Opal Medallion Necklace Holiday Gift for Friend


When it comes to jewelry, necklaces are the safest gift in our opinion. Not everyone has their ears pierced and how common is it to actually know someone's ring size? Out of all the necklaces in Dani’s line right now, this one stands out as a clear crowd pleaser. It’s simple, yet beautiful and we feel round necklaces like this are the most widely appealing.

We hope this gift guide helped you during this wonderful, gifting season!

Need more gift ideas? Check out these pieces! 

Written & photographed for by Britta & Carli Garsow 

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