How to Stack Rings

How to Stack Rings

Stacking rings sounds simple, but for things to look balanced, there’s somewhat of a science to it. Here are some tips and tricks we’ve learned about stacking rings that we think would be helpful for everyone, followed by a stacking tutorial featuring our favorite Dani Barbe rings.

First off, we generally find that focusing on the 3 center fingers and leaving the pinky and thumb clear look best on our hands. We have short fingers, so if you’re like us, it’s impossible to stack more than 3 rings on one finger without it looking overwhelming. Try not to over-do it or your hand will look cluttered. A good rule of thumb is to apply anywhere from 5-7 rings.

A lot of jewelry companies, including Dani Barbe, note which rings of theirs are “stacking rings”. Look for these types of rings when stacking rings on top of each other. Generally, rings made for stacking will be thin and won’t have a huge stone. Those rings are more like statement rings and are meant to be worn alone on a finger. You can always use plain gold or silver bands (thick or thin) for stacking. The Essentials Collection by Dani Barbe has some great options and is perfect for layering!

Now, let's stack!

Step 1: Place the Curve Band and the Classic Band on your pointer finger. These rings are great for stacking because you can use both or only one to stack on top of or below another ring.

Stacking Rings Tutorial Step 1

Then place the Hiddenite, Opal and Onyx Cocktail Ring on top.

Stacking Rings Tutorial Step Two

Step 2: Place the Rose Quartz Whisper Ring on your middle finger. We decided to put the ring with stones on it on first since the stone ring went on second on our pointer finger.

Stacking Rings Tutorial Step 3

Place the Concave Band on top of the first ring. We like to balance delicate whisper rings with more bold ones like this thick gold band.

How To Stack Rings

The middle finger is personally our favorite finger to stack rings on. We have very small hands and have always been pretty envious of women with long, beautiful fingers. Our middle finger is definitely the longest and so for us, we think it looks best to stack rings on it.

Step 3: Place the Rose Quartz Halo Ring on your ring finger.

How to Stack Rings Tutorial

Because this finger is generally shorter than your middle finger and pointer finger, we feel like wearing one ring on this finger and not stacking was the way to go. We chose this ring because it is meant to be worn alone and looks better alone than if it were stacked with another ring.

Hopefully you found this ring stacking tutorial helpful!

Dani Barbe Stacking Rings

Stacking Ring Tutorials

Written & photographed for by Britta & Carli Garsow 

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