Summer Jewelry Trends for 2018

Summer Jewelry Trends for 2018

 Ah, Summer. Welcome back. We’ve missed you.

As we trade in those jackets and jeans for soft-flowing dresses, shorts and tees, it’s time to celebrate this season’s hottest accessories with a look at the top summer jewelry trends for 2018.

Get the latest jewelry trends hot off the runway

If you managed to see any of the shows during New York Fashion Week recently, you’ll know that accessories for summer are all about making a statement as individual as you are.

Adornments were colorful, sculptural and oh, so shiny. There is no doubt in our minds that summer is all about the bling.

Designers from around the globe let their imaginations run wild and it seemed that no neck, wrist, finger, or earlobe was left behind.

What’s more is that their ‘anything goes’ approach to accessorizing means we can follow suit and mix and match for that one-of-a-kind style we all love.

So, take a look at our pick of the hottest jewelry trends for 2018 with these stunning pieces from our Summer Collection.

Color me beautiful

If you love loud rainbow brights or prefer softer delicate tones, the choice is yours when it comes to accessorizing this summer.

With a nod to the Pantone Color of 2018—Ultra-Violet—our favorite summer hue has to be purple because its diverse shades suit all skin and hair types.

We love...

Add a splash of color to your summer with our Iolite Whisper Cuff with matching Iolite Whisper Ring.

Dani Barbe Summer Jewelry Trends 2018 Purple Iolite Whisper Cuffs and Rings

Inspired by nature

Sculptural jewelry is on trend right now with a style to suit every one. From organic shapes to more traditional geometric-patterns (and anything in between), you’ll love the freedom to wear whatever accessory brings you joy.

We love…

Find the perfect combination of nature and fashion with our Rose Quartz Halo Earrings and matching Rose Quartz Halo Ring.

Dani Barbe Summer Jewelry Trends 2018 Inspired Nature Rose Quartz Halo Earrings and Rose Quartz Halo Ring

What’s even better? These pieces come in one of our beloved pastel shades--blush pink. 

The ears have it

Earrings were definitely big, bold and brash at Fashion Week with studs, drops, chandeliers and hoops of all shapes and sizes. But what we loved even more was the freedom to experiment.

We love…

Ear jackets

One of our favorite adornments for our ears, these ear jackets experiment with geometric shapes, enhancing the raw stone studs in these latest designs: Disc Earrings, Triangle Earrings, Teardrop Earrings

Dani Barbe Summer Jewelry Trends 2018 Earrings Ear Jackets

Ear climbers

We can’t go past these gorgeous Hiddenite, Opal and Onyx Ear Climbers. They are super versatile and can be worn as climbers or as drop earrings. Wear them your way.

Dani Barbe Summer Jewelry Trends 2018 Earrings Ear Climbers

Multi-layering is back with a vengeance

But not just for necklaces. Think layers of fine delicate rings on one hand for maximum summer sparkle.

We love…

Why not wear two or three of these gorgeous Hiddenite, Onyx and Opal Cocktail Rings on one finger just because it’s so pretty. 

Dani Barbe Summer Jewelry Trends 2018 Multilayering with Hiddenite, Onxy and Opal Cocktail Rings

So, call to your inner beauty with our favorite summer jewelry trends for 2018 and get this season’s must-have style.

The new Summer Collection is available now.

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