Sweater Weather Style

Sweater Weather Style

Fall is our favorite time of year and not just because pumpkin spice seems to make it’s way into all of our favorite desserts. Along with the warm-spiced treats, we adore fall style. We’re those people who dread shorts season and long for the cooler days where we can throw on some jeans and a sweater and somehow look chic. Anyone else feel like it’s so easy to look chic in the fall?

Dani Barbe Sweater Weather Style

Dani Barbe Sweater Weather Style

For this simple look, we decided to do our go-to sweater + jeans combo, add some short black heels and stunning gold jewelry pieces from Dani Barbe. We’re partial to gold jewelry over silver, but regardless of your taste, gold is perfect for fall! These pieces are perfect in our eyes because they’re just in between delicate and statement. We generally reach for delicate, simple jewelry but the added raw stones on these pieces will make anyone look twice.

Dani Barbe Gold Rings

The stacking rings are perfect for, well, stacking! All of the varieties in the collection look great stacked on top of each other.

Dani Barbe Gold Bangles

Dani Barbe Gold Layering Jewelry

The bracelets are another new staple of ours that look good with everything (and also stacked on top of each other). Like we mentioned, we usually like simple pieces but these bracelets are absolutely stunning, we can’t stop wearing them! Our personal favorite is the Kyanite Square Cuff, the muted blue tones are just gorgeous.

This sweater season, remember that when wearing more statement jewelry pieces, it’s best to pair the jewelry with a neutral-toned palette like we did here. Blacks, grays, whites, tans are all go-to shades for the fall, especially when we’re rocking pretty jewelry so the jewelry remains the star of the show!

Strappy Sandals Gemstone Cuffs

Sweater Weather Style

Dani Barbe Jewelry: Peridot Stacking Ring | Amazonite Stacking Ring |  Kyanite Square Cuff | Quartz Square Cuff | Sunstone Square Ring | Jeans: Madewell | Sweater: H&M | Black Heels: Target

Written & photographed for danibarbe.com by Britta & Carli Garsow

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