Unique Gemstones You Never Knew Existed

Unique Gemstones You Never Knew Existed

For many free spirits, gems are said to have special properties that help the wearer to heal from illness, find inner peace or fall in love. For others, they are simply gorgeous accessories to enhance their personal style.

No matter what you believe, there’s nothing wrong with bringing a little magic into our lives every day.

And if that means wearing gorgeous jewels, then we are in.

Beautiful rare stones showcase your individual style

We’ve sourced some of the most unique gemstones from around the world in our latest collection, so take a sneak peek at these beautiful baubles and see how they can help find the real YOU.


We’re not the only ones who love the soft blue-green tones of amazonite. This little gem is growing in popularity and we are so happy that our source in South America continues to feed our addiction.

A calming stone said to settle nerves, soothe emotional energy and help the wearer to de-stress, amazonite can also enhance creative energy and self-expression.

Wear it when…

  • You need to slow down, focus and let your creativity flow.

Our Amazonite Halo Earrings and Amazonite Stacking Ring are the perfect additions to wear when you need to spark your imagination.

Dani Barbe Unique Gemstones Amazonite Jewelry


This gorgeous blue-grey gemstone, with its iridescent flashes of pale white or bluish-light, is an absolute dream to wear. It’s no wonder we are mesmerized with labradorite when Inuit origin stories describe how the Northern lights are captured in these stones.

Sourced from Madagascar, legend has it that labradorite has special properties that protect and bring positive calming vibes to the wearer.

Wear it when…

  • You need a little boost of positivity and calm.

Adorn yourself with our Topaz, Labradorite and Iolite Cuff with matching Necklace and find your zen.

Dani Barbe Unique Gemstones Labradorite Jewelry


Pretty in pink, morganite has charmed its way into the hearts of wearers in recent years. Closely related to emerald and aquamarine, this gem from the finest quality source in Madagascar is considered the stone of unconditional love.

Said to help the wearer attract and maintain love, it’s no wonder that morganite has become a modern favorite for lovers all around the world. Who wouldn’t want an engagement ring this stunning as a symbol of love?

Wear it when…

  • You need a little love in your life.

Fall in love with our Morganite and Garnet Cocktail Ring.

Dani Barbe Unique Gemstones Morganite Jewelry


Iolite is fast-becoming the latest gemstone to rival tanzanite and sapphire for its brilliant blue-violet hues.

From the Greek ios, meaning violet, and lithos, meaning stone, our iolite is sourced from Brazil and is said to be the perfect stone for clear vision and insight, allowing the wearer to find their inner truth.

Wear it when…

  • You need a little clarity of thought and inspiration.

Choose from our Iolite Babe Hoops and Iolite Whisper Ring and make way for a bright future.

Dani Barbe Unique Gemstones Iolite Jewelry

See more unique gemstones in our latest collection and find yourself a little magic. 

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