MEET Dani Barbe

My love affair with unconventional gemstones began just as I was beginning to see more layers in our world and in myself.

I was fifteen, wandering the vintage clothing section in a familiar antique store, when I found a natural turquoise ring in a tangle of old jewelry.

I stared at the stone. It felt vibrant yet tranquil. A little glamorous yet genuine. Natural, effortless, with a web of white veins dancing through it.

I’d never been a jewelry girl, but this piece spoke to me. It felt like a blend of what I was and what I wanted to be. Where I’d been and where I was going.

In the years to follow, I wore that ring like an emblem of all the layers of myself. It stayed with me through college classes, several tours with my rock band, my move from a small town to L.A., and all the adventures in between.

When my mother passed away ten years ago, her jewelry box came to me.

Looking through it, I can trace her life through what she wore. The mood rings and poison rings were from her hippie stage in the 70s. The little gold bracelet watch she purchased for herself when she got a higher-paying job reminded me that she kept her jewelry in the kitchen, her last stop on the way out the door; even if she was running late, she took a moment to put it on. Each piece represented a stage of her life, infused with memory and meaning, just like my turquoise ring.

My passion lies in creating jewelry that offers these layers of magic for you. I design pieces that serve as a reminder of who you already are and the evolutions still afoot. My amulets provide a moment of ritual and extend an invitation to set your intentions for the day- and the journey- ahead.

Your jewelry doesn’t have to be pretentious, unimaginative, or oddly formal. It shouldn’t be locked away in a box only to be enjoyed on occasion. I believe the best pieces are deeply personal- celebrations of living a life of intention, beauty, and wonder.

Where will your jewelry take you?

“These are truly luxury pieces handmade with raw gemstones and metals — expect to become addicted after you try on her first piece. Seriously, I would be happy stacking her rings on every finger and wearing her bracelets up to my elbow.”
~ Huffington Post ~

As seen in Refinery29, Buzzfeed, Elle, Nylon, Huffington Post, NY Mag, Cosmopolitan

OUR Values

Woman-Owned, Women-Focused

As a woman-owned studio, positively impacting the lives of women is the foundation of Dani Barbe Jewelry.

We are proud to offer financial support through Gem Legacy to the Precious Women Mine, run by (mostly) widowed women mining gemstones in Kenya who “share the wealth of the mine with those in greatest need in the local community.”

We also make regular donations to Women for Women International, helping to provide female survivors of war and conflict with critical social and economic skills to help transform their lives.

The Loveland Foundation, which provides funds for therapy to Black women and girls, is also a recipient of our financial support.

Handmade with Mindfully Sourced Materials

Dani Barbe creates jewelry that honors and celebrates the earth.

Each piece is made in small batches by hand here in the US (the majority of the pieces are made by my own two hands!). The jewelry is created with ethically sourced stones and recycled metals.

We're proud supporters of the No Dirty Gold movement, which is “working to ensure that gold mining operations respect human rights and the environment by demanding changes in the way gold and other metals are extracted and produced.”

We are also members of the Ethical Metalsmiths community, which strives to teach responsible jewelry practices through education, connection, and action.

Committed to the Ripple Effect

Jewelry has the potential to create change beyond the moment of purchase.

When you support companies whose values align with yours, that decision creates waves of impact. Everything we do at Dani Barbe Jewelry is done with sensitivity and a mindfulness and of the greater ripple effect.

From the way we create a ring to the way we pack a shipping box. And from the collaborators we choose to the way we interact with and honor our community- nothing is left to chance. We honor our interdependency, and we consistently keep an eye on the “big picture” to understand our impact.

When you honor your stories, chart your own path, and love the journey forward, you create change in your life and positive ripples in the lives of others. Many thanks for being a part of our world!

THE Process

This jewelry has a story to tell before it becomes part of yours.

Each piece is either hand fabricated or cast in recycled metal using the ancient art of lost wax casting.

I carefully select one-of-a-kind gems with character. They’re vibrant, uniquely shaped, and have “flaws” or inclusions that make them imperfectly perfect. The stones are often faceted by hand in unconventional shapes that accentuate, but never overpower, their natural beauty; then I shape metal naturally around their individual contours in my signature organic settings.

Each luxe piece of jewelry has been thoughtfully made in small batches, designed to become a part of your story — where you came from, where you want to be, and a reminder of the magical world we live in.