Crystal Pouch with Citrine, Emerald, and Quartz

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Gift this healing crystal set to your hard-to-shop-for friend or use it as a stocking stuffer this holiday season! The gorgeous raw citrine, emerald, and quartz stones are the large version of stones from the collection we use to make our jewelry pieces.

The crystal set comes in a custom imprinted black satin pouch for easy storage.

• Citrine is believed to activate the imagination, enhance mental clarity and allow for the flow of ideas and visualizing.
• Emerald encourages growth and balance, and countries in the East and West believed that the emeralds brought good luck.

• Quartz is the master of all healing crystals. It is thought to amplify energy. This crystal is essential if you’d like to manifest intentions.

How to use: Decide on a goal and then select a stone from the bag of crystals that best aligns with your desired intention. Carry the crystal with you in your pocket or purse to support your energy, or display the crystal in your home.

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