Mood Earrings

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Elegant and delicate, these handcrafted mood earrings change color every time your moods shift. 

Whether you’re loving, optimistic, peaceful, introspective, or creative—your mood stone earrings will showcase your emotions for all to see. 

Crafted from an authentic 1970s mood stone in pristine condition, these post-style earrings accent your face with color magic. Adding visual interest along with heightened good vibes, a Herkimer diamond crystal nestles beside each stone, all set into a brilliant 14-karat gold plate setting. 

Each pair comes with its own color chart so that you can explore the mystery of your changing emotions. Pair it with our matching mood ring and double the intrigue.

• Mood stone approximately 6 mm
• Herkimer diamond crystal measures 3-4 mm
• Heavy nickel-free 14k gold plate
• Sterling silver ear posts
• Surgical steel earring backs

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