Pink Ombré Birthstone Ring - Ready to Ship in Select Sizes

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Love all things pink? This pink ombre ring has your name on it. Featuring raw garnet, ruby, pink tourmaline, morganite, and pink pearl stones, this ring has birthstones for January, July, October, and June.

From dusky garnet to millennial pink pearl, you’ll have every shade of pink available in stone form. And, if you’re a believer in crystals’ properties to soothe the soul, pink stones bring out your inner lover—empowering you to unleash affection without fear. And, with garnet in the mix, you’ll enjoy its deep regenerative powers, renewing your spirit each day you wear it.

• Hand-hammered ring band
• Ring band width 1.5 mm
• Heavy nickel-free 14k gold-plated band
• Every stone varies slightly
• Features garnet, ruby, pink tourmaline, morganite, and pink pearl

• Contains January, July, October, and June birthstones

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