April's Birthstones: Herkimer Diamond & Quartz

April's Birthstones: Herkimer Diamond & Quartz

Babes with April birthdays have long been considered “the lucky ones”, because the traditional birthstone for April is diamond!

Raw Quartz Stack Ring by Dani Barbe

Since diamonds are pricy, and often mined in conflict zones, we opt for quartz and Herkimer diamonds for an ethical alternative. Don’t worry, they still have that diamond sparkle that we all love, and they’re a stone you can feel great about wearing! Our Quartz Stacking Rings have enough sparkle to stand on their own, but mix and match so well with other pieces.

Raw Herkimer Diamond Bracelets with Emerald, Topaz, and Sapphire by Dani Barbe

Quartz is the master of all healing crystals. It is thought to amplify energy, and it’s a very powerful stone. Pair it with one of our other pieces to amplify an intention, or wear our Sapphire, Topaz, Emerald, Herkimer Diamond Cuff. This pairing is thought thought to improve mental capabilities, protect from harm, and promote vitality & health.

Herkimer Diamond Studs by Dani Barbe

 Herkimer Diamonds are a variety of quartz, and they’re mined in Herkimer Country, NY. Dani’s about to head to New York this April to collect more herkimers for the jewelry designs from a family-owned operation in Herkimer County.

The Herkimer diamonds used in our Herkimer Diamond Studs are straight out of Herkimer County!

Herkimer Diamond Bar Necklace by Dani Barbe

Herkimers have the physical shape of a diamond, and so much shine. They’re considered to be the most powerful of the quartz crystals. The Herkimer Diamond Bar Necklace is the perfect piece to layer with your everyday jewelry.

Herkimer Diamond Threaders by Dani Barbe

For a fresh take on antique diamond jewelry, we love the vintage feel of our Herkimer Diamond Threaders. The Herkimer discs are lightweight, and the threaders are 14k gold filled and great for sensitive ears!

Shine on and shop the entire Herkimer Diamond and Quartz Collection.

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