Our Gemstones


Timeless, delicate, and full of understated sparkle, these cut-by-hand amethyst stones are bold in their deep purple, yet balanced with their organic shapes that inspire passion and well-being. Let the raw amethyst crystals fuel your creativity and calm. Amethyst is February’s birthstone: a symbol of self-love, divinity, and beauty.


Icy, serene, eye-catching aquamarine. Like water, these aquamarine stones inspire flow and serendipity. Ease and surrender. The journey as the destination itself: never-ending, joyful, ever-changing. Keep these gems close to inspire imaginative, unhurried leisure in your day-to-day. March’s birthstone, the aquamarine gemstone, is a breathtaking blue to get lost in.


Imbued with an understated strength and power, emerald gems encourage grounding, ease, and natural confidence. Like the fresh energy and growth of Spring, these green beauties stimulate a clear mind and path forward. May’s birthstone, they’re a perfect gift for the strong and intuitive females in your life of any age, stage, and style.


Electrifying, understated, and known for its regenerating abilities, garnet is January’s birthstone and sets the tone for the year. I offer garnet in a rainbow of colors – from deep pink, to earthy green, or glowing orange. This gemstone is thought to symbolize friendship. Grab one for you and your best friend, mom, or sister.

Herkimer Diamond

Ever-inspiring, always gleaming, radiant, and restorative. The go-to gorgeous crystals sparkle like diamonds but are really quartz gemstones ethically mined in Herkimer County, New York. Crystal experts believe these sparkling stones uplift energy, so I like to think they’ll give you a pep in your step.


With shifting shades of violet & blue, these iolite gemstones carry the spirit of a pivotal journey & illuminate memories along the way. Never stagnant, always moving. Just like a river flows, iolite encourages continuous change and transformation and supports you as you surrender to life’s waves. Feel the stress melt away and let your imagination run wild.


Dreamy moonstone encourages growth, strength, and healing. Its fresh purity adds a spark of light to every outfit and mood. I offer both polished moonstone and one-of-a-kind, raw, and untreated moonstones in my jewelry. The bewitching moonstone gems can be worn as a June birthstone or as an amulet of protection.


Like a kaleidoscope of dreams, my opal stones ignite your imagination and awaken a sense of wonder, inviting you to embrace the magic within. As October's birthstone, opal symbolizes hope, creativity, and transformation, infusing your life with a sense of enchantment and renewal.


Peridot is believed to bring peace, health, and rest by harmonizing the mind and body. It is also known to boost creativity and improve your mood. Its greenish-yellow coloring and hints of earthy tone has been prized since the Age of Egyptians. August’s birthstone, peridot feels like the gorgeous warmth of an endless summer.


My dreamily unconventional sapphire gemstones are hand-selected and sculpted for each individual jewelry design. Stunning raw sapphires, known as the wisdom stone, are thought to have properties that calm the mind, strengthen intuition, and invite spiritual clarity. Available in cornflower blue, glowing white, or deep purple, these crystals are guaranteed to make any sapphire lover swoon.


Topaz feels safe and stable, warm and joyful. The Ancient Greeks believed that topaz strengthens your body and your mind, and we’re here for it. Often left raw with smooth, elegant edges, our topaz crystals add a  fiery edge to your day-to-day (and heat up the crisp nights). 


My pink, blue, and green tourmaline gemstones dial up the good vibes. According to vedic astrology, this gemstone can be worn to stimulate good health, speaking abilities, and intellect. Fantastic for an October birthday, or for anyone who wishes to elevate their look with a complementary array of color.