Jewelry Care


To maintain the gold-plated finish on your jewelry pieces and protect the raw stones, don't wear jewelry in water, while sleeping or when exercising. Constantly dropping, banging, or catching the piece will weaken it over time. 

Storage in a cool, dry place is recommended. Your Dani Barbe jewelry box works great for storage! Gently clean with a microfiber cloth. Jewelry cleaners or harsh chemicals aren't recommended for plated pieces.

Yellow Bronze

We use a jeweler's bronze alloy for our pieces, and it's a bit lighter than traditional bronze jewelry, but a bit darker than brass. It's similar in coloring to 14k gold.

Bronze jewelry will develop a natural darkened patina over time. Many customers prefer this vintage look. If you'd prefer your jewelry to look bright and shiny, we recommend using a non-abrasive bronze jewelry cleaner, or a Sunshine cloth. This will quickly bring the shine back to your bronze jewelry. 

Bronze pieces are sealed with jeweler's wax to delay tarnishing.

Beaded Pieces

Beaded pieces should not be worn while exercising, swimming, or showering. Prolonged exposure to moisture, or pulling on the beaded pieces, is not recommended.