The Rainbow Collection


    Remember your first pieces of jewelry? We’re not talking about the well-cultivated gems from your mother’s collection. We’re talking about the edible kind – the candy necklaces from childhood. Their sweet scent, tart flavors, and neutral shades captivated your days and inspired play.

    Our beaded collection is a bit like this, but inedible and oh-so-elevated. Reminiscent of the nostalgic past, these hand-knotted and hand-strung pieces are created with the utmost care: each bead is individually selected and arranged in a rainbow pattern of cascading color.

    Carefree, luxurious, high-quality bliss in necklace form, they move like a dream and layer with ease. Whether you need energy & lightness to empower you to action, healing and soothing to calm your mind and spirit, or a fresh jolt to your style, let our multicolored beaded silk necklaces serve to inspire.

    Your accessories are due for an upgrade. Meet your next 90s-inspired staple.