Behind the Design: Mood Jewelry Collection

Behind the Design: Mood Jewelry Collection

Every piece of jewelry I create has a story. The inspiration for my mood jewelry collection is no exception. I was about seven years old, playing in my mom’s closet. There, I discovered an amazing jewelry box--filled to the brim with costume jewelry she’d collected over the past 15 or so years.

Best Mood Rings

One of the rings that caught my eye had a glowing stone that changed colors. Inside the box, I found a little scrap of typed paper that explained that this ring was a...mood-changing ring! In my seven- year-old mind...this mood ring was freaking magic.

Not only did the scrap paper tell what the ring did, but it also had a color chart that told what mood each color represented.

I was hooked.

For weeks, I chattered incessantly about this magic mood ring to my mom and to anyone who would listen. Like every other piece of jewelry in her box, my mom told me to ask before I “borrowed” it.

Well, I didn’t. I just had to take this magic stone out for a spin with my best friend Laura, probably while we reenacted scenes from the most recent Mary-Kate and Ashley movie we’d seen the week before.

Of course, the unthinkable happened.

I lost the cherished mood ring! Probably because it was four sizes too big on my tiny fingers.

Mood jewelry back in the day was like that. In-your-face huge.

While I wish I could tell you that it turned up many years later, it never has. I guess you could say I’ve been chasing the magic of that ring ever since.

Mood Changing Ring

From Childhood Memory to Contemporary Jewelry Collection

Cut to the past year... I decided I wanted to design a mood ring that would be the perfect fit. Beautifully unique, less costume-y, and a bit more elegant (yes, I said “elegant” and “mood ring” in the same sentence!).

And delicate. All the magic in a stripped-down version that’s as contemporary as tomorrow.

To go with this ring collection, I created a pair of earrings—studs with smaller stones—that would work for every occasion.

Even if you work in the stuffiest office imaginable, you can still wear these mood stones to work. It’ll be our little secret—and your secret source of fun.

Gold Mood Ring

Authentic 1970s Mood Stones in Mint Condition

The coolest thing of all is that these mood stones are actually vintage pieces from the 70s! Although it was a huge challenge to find them, I tracked them down.

They’re what vintage jewelry connoisseurs call “dead stock”—created in an earlier era but never sold. For me, finding these stones was like finding a box of buried treasure.

Sheer perfection. And in mint condition.

Mood Stone Colors

Exquisite Setting, Superb Craftsmanship

To accent these perfectly sized stones, I crafted sleek, hand-hammered bands and plated them with 14-karat gold. Setting the stones, though, proved to be a bigger challenge than finding them.

Mood stones can’t withstand super high heat from jewelry torches or casting—so they’re notoriously hard to work with. Yet the outcome was well worth the heroic effort!

To accent the beauty of the mood stones, I paired each stone with a gorgeous herkimer diamond. Crystal experts believe these sparkling stones amplify energy, so I like to think they give your mood a little boost. See if they work for you!

Of course, I include a mood-decoding color chart with every purchase from my mood jewelry collection. After all, no mood earrings or ring would be complete without one!

Mood Ring Chart Meanings

Evoke the Magic of Your Moods

Just like I did a generation ago, you, too, can enjoy the magic of your shifting moods with this unique mood jewelry collection. I hope you have every bit as much fun wearing these as I had recreating my childhood memories through them.

Even more importantly, I hope these pieces make as many memories for you as they did for me—so many years ago. Get yours—and start making magic today!

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