Zodiac Crystals for Pisces

Zodiac Crystals for Pisces

Otherworldly, empathetic, magical.

These are just a few words used to describe someone born between February 18 and March 20, under the Pisces sign.

You’re likely an old soul, and your best friend's parents probably loved you.

You’re someone who likes to dream, cries over sad movies, and is deeply sentimental (some may call it "hoarding", we call it "sentimental"). Your BFFs find you extraordinarily sensitive and caring, which is why they run to you when they need a good pep talk and a glass of wine.

Since it’s your birthday and all, why not include some Pisces jewelry in your wish list? Zodiac crystals work to enhance your gifts and abilities and energize you. You’ll be able to handle and overcome challenges along the way.

Sun in Pisces: Your Pisces birthstones

There are a number of energizing birthstones for Pisces, although the primary crystals are considered to be amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone, and quartz, plus ruby as the Piscean talismanic crystal.

Knowing and understanding the various crystals that help you develop a sense of the real you is essential. Especially if you sometimes feel lost and pulled in all directions with the bombardment of texts and DMs.

And since Pisces is more concerned about dreams, the spiritual, and doing good for others, your specific birthstones help support your natural tendencies.


Known as the gemstone of awareness, it can help enhance your spirituality and dreams, while also giving you courage and healing. It’s especially beneficial if you’ve experienced loss and heartbreak. 

Pisces Jewelry

A Pisces can tend to put other people first. Carrying an amethyst with you, or wearing a pair of tiny amethyst studs, ensures you remain full even as you pour out part of yourself to help those around you.


The “official” birthstone for Pisces. Aquamarine is not only thought to grant clairvoyance to its wearer but is also believed to improve intelligence. So basically, you can see the future and you’re super smart. Lucky you!

Pisces Birthstone Aquamarine

As if that’s not enough, it also has anxiety-relieving, courage- and happiness-boosting qualities. Aquamarine’s a perfect choice if you need to face up to your fear and indecision so you can do more good in the world.

It’s a must-have crystal for you, and an aquamarine stacking ring is the perfect piece for everyday wear.


A type of chalcedony stone, bloodstone has been historically associated with spiritual and physical healing – important aspects of being Piscean. The courage, motivation and incredible charisma it’s thought to impart can be useful in job interviews, client meetings, or your next Powerpoint presentation.

Clear Quartz

Also known as rock crystal in its purest form, clear quartz must be totally clear and free from any type of coloring. 

Lucky stone for Pisces woman

Otherwise, it is called amethyst when it comes in a purple hue, and citrine when yellow. Our quartz studs definitely fit the bill.

Pisces Birthstone Rings

Sometimes referred to as the “stone of clairvoyance,” clear quartz enhances your intuitive capabilities, which should come in handy in situations in which you feel seriously uncomfortable, or unfortunately have to be around toxic individuals. Wear a clear quartz stacking ring to ward off any bad vibes.


As the Pisces talismanic stone, ruby is believed to enhance wisdom and relationships.

Talismanic Stone for Pisces

For peace-loving Pisces, wearing a ruby ring is second nature as it nurtures and balances, and keeps you from becoming overwhelmed by life’s many challenges.

Pisces Rising Sign: Your ascendant crystal

Pisces, represented by the fish symbol, is ruled by water and the planet Neptune. Pisces rising signs are sensitive, empathetic, and love to dream. However, you can also be paralyzed by indecision or anxiety, which can lead to frustration over unrealized goals and dreams.

Pisces Crystal Bracelet

Wear amethyst pieces like this amethyst carnelian cuff. You’ll have the self-confidence, courage and reassurance you need to stay focused on your life goals.

Pisces Moon Sign: Your moon and lunar crystals

With the moon in Pisces, you’ll be feeling more vulnerable and emotional. This is because you have a delicate soul that’s compassionate and super sensitive to other’s energies. You get overwhelmed by all sorts of negative situations, and you prefer to play the role of peacemaker whenever you can. This is why finding a peaceful and quiet place relaxes and rejuvenates you to do more good for others.

Pisces Birthstone Necklace

Clear quartz, like this Herkimer diamond bar necklace, helps give clarity and makes it easy to let go of all negative thoughts and energy.

Jewelry with crystals that support your Pisces energy not only serve a meaningful purpose in your life, but can also work as beautiful accessories. Time to celebrate new beginnings, Pisces!

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