August's Birthstones: Peridot and Spinel

It’s August—and if your birthday lies somewhere within this month, you’re lucky indeed. With two drop-dead gorgeous August birthstones to choose from, you have a treasure trove of jewelry that you can put on your “I want” list.

Peridot – The Traditional August Birthstone

What is peridot?

The long-time reigning queen of August birthstones, the peridot stone’s light-green color sparkles like a glass of prized Chartreuse liqueur. That glow comes from within the gemstone itself, not from trace impurities like most gemstones. Shades vary according to its iron content, including chartreuse, olive, and even an earthy brownish-green.

Its magic doesn’t stop there. Its life begins deep inside the earth, emerging through the mouth of a volcano. It even exists in outer space—within meteorites—adding even more to its mystery.

The first peridots known in Western culture came from exotic lands like Africa, Pakistan, Myanmar, and China. Most of the stones sold today come from San Carlos, a Native American reservation in Arizona.

These exquisite peridot stud earrings capture the exact shape of the natural stone—so every pair is as unique as you are. Wrapped in a band of 14-karat gold plate, these asymmetric studs will make your face simply glow!

August Birthstone Earrings

A few facts about peridot

Embrace your inner goddess when you wear a stunning piece of handmade peridot jewelry. According to Hawaiian legend, peridot stones are the tears of Pele, goddess of fire at whose command volcanoes serve.

Peridot may have sparkled on the arms of Queen Cleopatra, whose legendary emerald collection was probably peridot. Mesmerize your special someone as the Egyptian queen did—winning the hearts of royalty and generals with her beauty.

Some wearers believe wearing peridot attracts healthy energy, calming the mind and helping the wearer to get a better night's sleep. Some believe--according to an ancient legend--that when peridot is set in gold, it can even chase away nightmares.

Although the peridot crystal itself measures 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, the finishing process produces amazing-looking stones that are as durable as they are beautiful.

Captured in their raw beauty, these natural peridot stones simply glow on your finger in this delicate stacking ring. Showcased to perfection in 14-karat gold plate, these peridot stones are the perfect August birthday gift.

Peridot August Birthstone

Spinel – The Statement Stone

What is spinel?

August’s other birthstone, spinel comes in vivid shades of red, blue, pink, and orange. Its standout color and unique structure make it the perfect choice when you want to make a bold fashion statement.

Often confused with rubies and pink sapphires, spinel stones have fooled even the experts. According to the American Gem Society, many of history’s most renowned “rubies” have later turned out to be equally elegant spinel stones.

Using the Mohs hardness scale and the stones’ structure, today’s gemologists can distinguish spinel from its equally sparkly cousins. Spinel has a lower hardness rating than both rubies and sapphires. It is unique among stones for its single refraction and octahedral (eight-faced) structure.

With this vibrant ring on your finger, you’ll make your own statement the moment you walk into the room. With spinel, rubies, and garnet set into 14-karat gold, this handmade ring showcases the stones in their raw, natural cut, making each piece a unique work of art.

August Birthstone Spinel

A few facts about spinel

Spinel has graced the crowns of royalty throughout history—including England’s prized crown jewels. Nations in Southeast Asia have fought over their possession. Their mines, which yielded huge spinel stones—called Balas rubies—were prized territory for whoever emerged as victor.

You’ll emerge as a fashion victor when you strut into work wearing this purple ombré statement ring containing spinel. With the bold look of raw gemstones paired with a delicate 14-karat gold plated band, you channel the power of the eternal feminine. 

Spinel August Birthstone

Gem hunters have discovered large deposits of spinel in every continent save Europe. Asian miners harvest them in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, Tadzhikistan, and Thailand.

Africa’s rich lands have also yielded plenty of these superb gems in Madagascar, Nigeria, and Tanzania. Australia, Brazil, and the United States, too, have been sources of these precious stones.

Many people believe that wearing spinel helps zap negative thinking, replacing it with gratitude and calm. Others believe that the stone aids the body as it recovers from illness and helps boost the body's natural detoxification process.

Although gem-quality spinel’s value resides in its beauty, there is a practical side of the spinel family. One type of spinel, called magnetite—or lodestone--has powerful magnetic properties. In earlier days, sailors used these stone to magnetize new compasses and renew the power of used ones.


Now you can use the power of spinel to magnetize the crowd the moment you walk into the room. Studded with raw spinel, rubies, and garnet and set in 14-karat gold plate, this splendid August birthstone ring will draw everyone’s eye. Mix or match our collection of peridot stackable rings together or go bold and wear them with our other stone collections.


Whether you prefer the glow of peridot or the rich colors of spinel, find your perfect August birthstone jewelry among our August birthstone collection. 

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