DIY Crystal Air Plant Holders

Crystals are in style and for good reason! Many people believe that they harness our energies, but they're also a beautiful accessory in the home. If you have crystals lying around that you want to repurpose, then this crystal plant holder DIY is for you. Turning your crystal into an air planter is way easier than you might think! 

Amethyst Crystal Air Plant


  • Assorted large crystals
  • Air plants
  • Leather cord
  • Floral adhesive (optional)

DIY Crystal Planter


Step 1: Attach your air plants to your crystals. You can use faux air plants or real ones, depending on where you plan on putting your crystal planter. However, air plants are almost impossible to kill so you should be safe regardless! To keep our crystals intact, we found natural cutouts in our crystals to stick the air plants into. We chose to make geode planters and an amethyst crystal air plant, because of the natural stone cutouts. If you want something more secure you can use floral adhesive. 

Geode Planter

Step 2: Now you’re going to want to create your hanging apparatus for the crystal air plant holder. We did this by cutting two pieces of string. Make sure the pieces are the same size! Next, create a criss-cross of strings, place your crystals on top and then tie a knot at the top so that the loops are even and your crystal will be stable. 

Crystal Planter Holder

Hanging Crystal Air Plant

Crystal Planter

Step 3: Now you just need to hang your crystal! We’re showing it here hung on a curtain rod but you can also hang it outside. If you don’t want a hanging crystal air plant, you can always display it on a shelf! 

Natural Stone Planters

DIY Crystal Crafts

These crystal planters are so easy to make and they create a practical use for your large crystals! They would also make a fabulous gift. 

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