DIY Crystal Aromatherapy Rollerballs

Like many, we love essential oils but we don’t use them to our advantage enough. We’ll diffuse oils from time to time but we know the real benefits come from applying oils directly to the skin. And when I say directly I mean mixed with a carrier oil, since most oils should never be applied directly on the skin. Anyways, today we’re showing you an easy way to combine the benefits of crystals and essential oils in a travel-friendly aromatherapy rollerball.  

What you’ll need for the Aromatherapy Rollerballs:


Step 1 (optional): If your crystals are not pre-crushed you’ll have to do so by wrapping each crystal in a cloth, and use a hammer to refine the crystal pieces to a size that will fit in your roller bottle.

Step 2: Place all crystal pieces in each roller bottle.

DIY Essential Oil Rollerballs with Crystals by Dani Barbe

Step 3: Using a dropper, fill your bottles about 75% up with sweet almond oil. We went with sweet almond oil due to its moisturizing properties. You can also use fractioned coconut oil or jojoba oil. Choose your favorite!

Essential Oil Roller DIY by Dani Barbe

Essential Oils with Crystals Tutorial by Dani Barbe

Step 4: Next, add approximately 10 drops of each essential oil to each roller bottle. Of course, you can use less or more depending on your scent strength preference. Here are the combinations we went with:

  • Peridot is a stone that is used for intellectual progression. It helps open the mind and shift bad habits. So we thought it would be perfect to pair with a mental clarity oil blend.
  • Pink tourmaline is known to help release worries so we paired it with a calming oil blend.
  • The Iolite stone enhances creativity and we paired it with lavender oil- a versatile oil that decreases stress and helps calm the mind.
  • Blue apatite is a motivational stone, promoting independence and ambitiousness. We paired it with a ‘breathe easy’ oil blend, that’s essentially peppermint and eucalyptus which raise alertness.

DIY Essential Oil Blends by Dani Barbe

Make your own essential oil blends by Dani Barbe

Step 5: Now fill the rest of each bottle to the top with sweet almond oil, using the dropper.

Pretty essential oil rollers with crystals by Dani Barbe

Step 6: Add the ball and cap to each bottle and shake them to make sure the essential oils have mixed with the almond oil.

DIY Crystal Rollers by Dani Barbe

As mentioned above we love using sweet almond oil for projects like this because it’s so incredibly moisturizing and thick enough to where you can control how much is dispensed from the rollerball. These perfumes are perfect for throwing in your bag and using during times of stress, or right before your morning yoga class, or even before bed. The best part is that they’re totally customizable. Use whatever oil blends and crystals work best for you!

Make your own essential oil roller by Dani Barbe

Easy essential oil rollers by Dani Barbe

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