DIY Crystal Wine Stoppers

We’re back with another extremely simple DIY project involving crystals! When we say easy, we mean 1-step easy. That’s it.

You’ll see the directions down below but we're pretty sure you can guess what they are when we say today we’re making DIY crystal wine stoppers! We’ve actually wanted to make these gemstone wine stoppers for quite some time. We’ve seen variations of these for years now in trendy home stores but never wanted to spend the money. After all, they looked so simple to make.

Crystal Wine Corks

Another great thing about this project is that if you pick up enough crystals you can make a lot of these wine stopper crafts and and give them as gifts. The cork wine stoppers generally come in large packs (ours had 20 pieces) so it really is a perfect project for mass gift giving!

We also think it would be cute to pair them into similar color stories and give people packs of 3-4 as gifts.

For the full list of simple supplies list and directions, keep reading!

DIY Wine Stoppers




Step 1: Use your glue of choice to adhere crystal to cork stopper.

Wine stopper crafts

You will need to follow the directions on the glue, but for E6000 you need to place glue on both the crystal and the cork and then use pressure to adhere them together.

Gemstone wine stopper DIY Jeweled Crystal Wine Stopper

Quartz wine stopper

Step 2: Let dry standing upright.

This is important as you don’t want the heavy crystal falling off the lightweight cork. We suggest leaning it against a window sill or book while drying. Just don’t let it rest on its side!

If your glue is strong like E6000 you will need to let the glue dry or cure overnight before moving around and using.

The corks we bought were very easy to just push into the wine bottle opening and they kept the wine nice and fresh! 

DIY Crystal Wine Stopper Crystal Wine Stopper Tutorial

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  • Jordan Lee

    Where did you get the assorted crystals?

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