July's Birthstone: Ruby

More than its beautiful red color makes July's birthstone so appealing. Ruby has a long history surrounded in mystery and myth. The power and beauty of one of the most precious stones in the world have made it a favorite of kings and celebrities dating as far back as Biblical times!

Symbolism of Rubies

Our ruby jewelry makes a great gift for anyone born in July. But throughout history, people have sought out ruby as much as a status symbol and its potential to protect the wearer as for its great looks. 

Ruby is traditionally treated to give it a smooth finish and its deepest red color. We prefer the edgy look of raw ruby so that each piece of our ruby jewelry is somewhat unique, like this ruby ring. We believe that the jewelry you wear should be just as unique as the individual who wears it.

Birthstone Cancer July Ruby Gemstone Ring

Diamonds are considered the most valuable stones in the world. But a rare perfect ruby of the same size and clarity as a diamond can be more valuable. Our raw ruby jewelry brings this long-admired gemstone into the modern world of fashion. We use natural stones to create stylish handcrafted jewelry that makes wonderful gifts for any July birthday girl or for anyone with a passion for jewelry that's authentic. 

From Kings to Movie Icons

It's not surprising that many cultures considered ruby a “gemstone of kings.” Royalty has always turned to the most extravagant and rare stones as part of their treasured possessions. The stone's association with power, wealth, and courage led to some kings extending the wear of rubies to their warriors. Just imagine, our unique jewelry like the pink ombré ring uses the same magical stone that protected warriors in battle centuries ago.

Crystal for July Ruby Birthstone

Rubies Are a Favorite Among Celebrities

Ruby is also associated with love and passion, and it is the traditional gift for 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. Its association with love and passion has made ruby the stone of choice for many celebrities and their love interests.

When Eric Johnson proposed to actress and singer Jessica Simpson in 2010, it was with a specially designed five-carat ring featuring an oversized ruby in the center with diamonds as the embellishment stones.

Jessica Simpson wasn’t the first celebrity to wear rubies and diamonds. Acting icon Elizabeth Taylor wore an original Cartier that she received as a gift from her husband, Mike Todd. The actress was well-known for her extravagant jewelry collection, not the least of which included her ruby jewelry.

July Birthstone Jewelry Ruby Ring

Victoria Beckham is another lucky lady who received a total of 13 engagement rings from her husband, David Beckham, throughout their 17 years of marriage. One of these rings was a beautiful ruby ring.

Our unique handmade jewelry allows you to enjoy the romance and style of ruby without the expense.  Consider wearing the same authentic ruby jewelry that your favorite celebrities cherish. Our raw ruby designs make it affordable to wear as much or as little as you want. Wear one or several of our Ruby Garnet Spinel Stacking Rings to create a stunning look that is uniquely yours.  

Nontraditional Ruby Jewelry

The color of ruby comes from traces of the mineral chromium. The varying amounts of chromium in the stones give us a range of shades to work with. We take advantage of the various pinkish-red to deep blood-red stones to create one-of-a-kind handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings that mix and match flawlessly. 

Birthstone for Cancer July Ruby Gemstone


Raw Ruby Jewelry for the Modern Bohemian

It is common practice to treat rubies to give them a brighter color and make them stronger. We believe the natural beauty and strength of our raw rubies are what make them so appealing.

Cancer Birthstone July Ruby Gemstone

They exhibit the strength and raw courage that raw rubies represented centuries ago while making the perfect forward-thinking fashion pieces you want to wear today. Browse through our fantastic ruby collection today!

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