June's Birthstones: Pearl & Moonstone

Happy June! It’s time to celebrate summer, and the glowing June birthstones that come along with it. Pearls are traditionally thought of as the main birthstone for the month, but if pearls aren’t your thing (give me a little time to convince you!), moonstones are a magical alternative option.

What are pearls?

Pearls are the only “gemstones” or birthstones made by living creatures, and they’re produced by mollusks. They also come In a range of colors, from white to pink to black. The color of the pearls depends on the shell of the mollusk.

The best quality pearls are cream colored, like in our Iridescent Ombré Ring, with a swoon-worthy iridescent shimmer when hit by light. This ring has a dreamy rainbow effect when worn in natural light. 

Crystals for June Birthday

A few facts about pearls 

Freshwater pearls are given on the 1st wedding anniversary, but the pearl is also the 3rd and 30th year anniversary stone. Honestly, I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t fall for this Pink Pearl Ring.

Pearls are a super soft stone, with a 2.5-4.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, but the freshwater pearls are more durable. I sourced these freshwater pearls for my designs for that reason, but each freshwater pearl is a little unique, which makes them even more interesting.

The pearls in the Pink Pearl Ring are AAA+ grade pearls, so they’re more durable, great quality, and don’t worry, they still have that shimmer!

Best Crystals for June Gemini Pearl and Moonstone Jewelry

The meaning and myths of pearls

My ocean-inspired Pearl Ring was definitely influenced by the folklore and cultural beliefs surrounding pearls. In the Middle East, it was believed that pearls were teardrops fallen from heaven. In China, they thought that pearls perpetuated eternal youth, and across different cultures, pearls were thought to give magical powers to those who wore them.

Birthstone for Cancer June

Untraditional pearl jewelry

I loved the look of pearls as a little girl, but as I grew older they felt too traditional for my taste. Over the past year or two I’ve had a renewed love affair with pearls. Unique baroque pearls work so well in bohemian style jewelry, and don’t feel as traditional or fussy. Paired with really organic settings, or edgier metalwork, the look feels really modern.

Birthstone of Gemini June

Moonstone as an alternative June birthstone 

Still not into pearls? If pearls still feel a bit too traditional for you, moonstone may be your perfect birthstone! Moonstone still has that shimmering glow, which is called adularescence. It’s caused by light scattering between the layers of the mineral, and the stones can be very translucent or opaque.

My moonstone rings feature both semi-polished moonstones and raw moonstones, and many of the stones have this shimmering rainbow effect.

Raw Moonstone Rings for Gemini for Cancer Birthstones

The meaning and myths of moonstones

The Romans actually claimed that the stone is made of solidified moonbeams, and moonstones are associated with love, passion, and great luck. According to mythology, they can bring about magical dreams. According to lore, the moonstone is often used as a talisman to ward off evil and protect the one wearing it. 

This handmade orange ombré ring with peach moonstone is perfect to wear as your own lucky charm.

Gemini June Birthstone with Raw Moonstone

Boho moonstone jewelry

Moonstone was a prominent stone in the 1960s and 1970s, when bohemian style jewelry was frequently worn. Girls would wear flowers in their hair and moonstones on their fingers. My moonstone ring definitely has those boho chic jewelry vibes!

Birthstone for Cancer June

So which do you prefer, the pearl or the moonstone?

Check out the June birthstone collection and find your perfect stone.

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