September’s Birthstones: Sapphire and Iolite

Like September skies, September’s birthstones radiate sparkling blue. Whether or not you were a September baby, these baby blue jewels will look amazing on you. If you were lucky enough to claim September as your birth month, you have a dazzling array of jewelry to put on your birthday wishlist.

Sapphire – A Rhapsody in Blue—and More

Although the name “sapphire” conjures up visions of blue, the gem can be found in a wide range of colors. Sapphires come from the same mineral as do rubies--and are equally lovely in any color. It’s the trace elements present in each stone that differentiate the color.

Found on every continent except for Europe, sapphires are second only to diamonds in hardness. It’s no wonder, then, that this gemstone symbolizes mental focus and self-discipline.

In one of the most widely publicized love stories ever, sapphire graced the hand of Lady Diana as Prince Charles’ engagement gift. Though that marriage ended in tragedy, Charles and Diana’s son, Prince William presented the 12-carat beauty to his intended, Kate Middleton.

You, too, will feel like royalty in this stunning tapered sapphire cuff bracelet. Elegant and modern, it features raw sapphires set in glowing 14-karat gold plate. Turn heads the moment you enter the room with this beauty on your wrist.

Crystals for September

 Many people believe that wearing sapphire brings on dreams at night while providing wisdom and healing energies that reduce stress and ease depression any time of the day.

Whether or not you believe in sapphire’s power to bring dreams to life, you’ll be the stuff of dreams when you pair our sapphire stacking ring with your early fall wardrobe. A symphony of raw gemstones—each showcased in a 14-karat gold plate setting—brings this ring to life. Be the first in your circle of friends to set off your summer glow with these gorgeous blue stones.

Birthstones for September

Iolite – From Viking Lore to You

Legend tells us that Vikings used these deep-blue gems to cut the sun’s glare as they sailed the North Sea in pursuit of their next conquest. Dubbed “water sapphire,” this jewel has the property to appear deep blue from one perspective and pale yellow from another.

With the color of the North Sea on your finger, you’ll become the conqueror from a mere whisper with this fabulous iolite whisper ring. Perfectly complemented by their 14-karat gold plate setting, the raw iolite stones catch the eye and never let go. Whisper-thin, this ring adds a delicate touch worn by itself—and piles on the visual firepower when you stack it with other rings from our handmade jewelry collection.

Birthstones for September

Found in Africa, South America, South Asia, and--no surprise, given its Viking roots—in Norway, iolite has conquered the imagination of wearers from Viking times until today. Many iolite fans believe wearing this gem boosts their inner strength and self-confidence. Others believe it a powerful detoxifying agent, destroying both germs and hangovers in its wake.

What’s your favorite September stone? Whether you go for the royal blue of sapphire or the watery charm of iolite, blue is the operative word this month. Like the blue cornflowers that dot roadsides and fields this month, these raw gemstones brighten your fashion transition from summer to fall.

Find your go-to September accessory in this exquisite collection of unique handmade jewelry.

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