Tiny Studs Collection: All About the Stones

As a girl with multiple ear piercings, I completely understand the frustration of trying to find unique earrings for a second piercing or cartilage piercing.

For this collection, I set out to create gorgeous raw crystal earrings that are delicate enough to wear with multiple other earrings in your jewelry rotation. Or just wear them by themselves for a minimalist look.

It’s no secret that most of my designs center around the beauty of raw gemstones, so of course these handmade earrings are no exception! I’m all about the stones.

While the stones themselves are eye-catching, the origin and healing powers behind the crystals always fascinate me, and every stone in this collection has a story to tell…

Create Your Own Legend with Delicate Amethyst Earrings

Minimalist Crystal Jewelry

Legend says that it sprang from two ancient Greek gods. The god of grapes—Bacchus—had a temper tantrum over an imagined snub. He turned his pet tigers on to the first mortal he met on the road that day–a woman named Amethyst. The young woman prayed to Diana, who turned Amethyst into a sparkling clear crystal to save her from destruction. When Bacchus saw the results of his tantrum, he felt guilty—and poured out some of his prized grape juice onto the stone to make amends, turning it purple.

Although today we know that the color in raw amethyst earrings comes from manganese—obviously not spilled juice–the stone’s power remains. Some people believe that wearing the stone enhances passion and creativity. Others swear by its ability to calm the mind and reduce tension.

As February’s birthstone, amethyst jewelry warms up the winter with its warm, regal purple glow. Whether you’re February-born or simply a woman who loves amethyst’s magical look, these tiny amethyst studs will work their charm.

Turn up the Heat with Topaz

Yellow Topaz Earrings

According to ancient Greeks, topaz gives its wearer strength. Even today, some people believe that wearing topaz can stimulate your body and your mind, stabilize your feelings, and strengthen your nerves.

November’s child, says poet Maria Rosario Avanceña, is ablaze with autumn passion. Though tiny, these topaz birthstone earrings will echo that autumn passion.

Become Part of a Regal History with Turquoise Studs

Tiny Turquoise Studs

One of the world’s oldest gemstones, turquoise has been beloved by its wearers for thousands of years on both sides of the ocean. From the ancient Chinese to Egyptian royalty—and across the ocean to the Americas, the stone’s first wearers believed it gave them good luck and protected its wearers from evil.

Brought to France by the Ottoman Turks, turquoise took its western name from a French phrase meaning “Turkish stone,” according to the Gem Institute of America.

To this day, many people believe that the stone possesses properties beyond its beauty, touting the stone for its restorative powers.

Whether those powers come from the stone itself or just from the youthful glow turquoise earrings give your face—everyone will love these turquoise studs.

Wear a Touch of Spring All Year Long with Emerald Stud Earrings

Tiny Emerald Earrings

Imported from Brazil, these emeralds are still in their raw, natural state, making each earring a unique masterpiece. With only their rough edges smoothed, these raw emerald earrings create a contemporary, minimalist vibe.

Emerald is thought to be the stone of successful love and is also a stone that promotes friendship. Emeralds have been worn on everyone from Cleopatra to Elizabeth Burton.

Whether you’re a May baby or just love these stones’ deep-green hue, you owe yourself a little luxury. Find your own magic with these gorgeous emerald studs.

Get ready to up your ear game, and shop the rest of our earring collection.

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