Zodiac Crystals for Aquarius

Turning chaos into world peace might seem like a pipe dream for most. But for Aquarians, with their passion for social justice and outside-the-box thinking, global harmony is a doable goal.

Embrace Your Inner Aquarius

If your birthday falls between January 20 and February 18, you're an Aquarius. And – *lightbulb moment* – this world has never needed your humanitarian bent like it does today.

You might think that Aquarius, due to its name, would be a water sign. But it's actually an air sign. The mythical Aquarius brings water to the earth through rain, borne through the air by clouds. People born under your sign have a knack for innovation – so get out there and be the change.

Through your free-spirited thought and desire to transform the world for good, Aquarians like you can bring a healing, refreshing touch to the world. Embrace those qualities with raw yet refined jewelry whose properties enhance your bohemian spirit.

Sun in Aquarius? Channel Its Power with Your Aquarius Birthstones

Your birth date determines your sun sign. If it falls between January 20 and February 18, that makes your sun sign Aquarius. Ancient astronomers calculated the exact point at which the sun would pass through each of the constellations. Those dates, then, became the zodiac sun signs.

The traditional birthstone for those born under the sign of Aquarius is amethyst. Yet aquamarine can also enhance your unique energies.


As your "power stone," this gorgeous light purple stone enhances your intuition. Its energies help you center yourself to focus on the change you want to bring to the world.

Crystals for Aquarius Rising

Delicate but raw enough to let you embrace your inner rebel, these tiny amethyst studs go wherever your sense of adventure takes you. They'll keep you grounded even as you transform your universe into a more just one.


Become more sensitive to the spiritual energies that surround you when you wear this stunning blue-green stone. Find your purpose in life through the clarity those energies bring.

Ascendant Aquarius Crystals

Set in a handmade band, these three stones shimmer like drops of ocean water on your finger. Gaze deep within them as you meditate to help bring clarity, even on the toughest days.

Aquarius Rising Sign: The Power of Your Ascendant Crystal

Your rising sign – also called your "ascendant sign," can influence your public face – your outer persona. If Aquarius rose on the eastern horizon the moment you were born, Aquarius is your rising sign, no matter what your sun sign.


In addition to wearing amethyst and aquamarine to enhance their inner innovator, those with an Aquarius ascendant sign should also consider wearing a piece of moonstone jewelry. With Aquarius on the rise, your passion for justice might overpower you at times, causing mental stress.

A moonstone piece can help you temper your passion with emotional stability and inner peace. Not only can it keep you calm, but wearing moonstone can also help you channel that inspiration that makes you, like those with Aquarius sun signs, a natural innovator.

Crystals for Aquarius Moon

Dreamy and bewitching as the moon itself, this handcrafted ring features both raw and polished moonstone that will not only turn heads but also keep you calm and centered all day long.

Aquarius Moon Sign: Your Lunar Crystals

Similar to your ascendant sign, your moon sign depends on the exact time of your birth. Unlike your ascendant sign, though, it depends on what constellation the moon passed through as you were born. Your moon (lunar) sign influences your "inner child" – who you are when you're all by yourself. 


Born under an Aquarius moon sign, your heart yearns for justice and peace. Wearing the royal purple of garnet inspires you to not only yearn for change but also effect that change.

Aquarius Moon Crystals

Packing on the firepower of not only red garnet but also orange garnet, you'll be as bold on the outside as you are within when you wear this gorgeous morganite and garnet ring.

For your Aquarius birthday, choose jewelry that resonates with your freewheeling, peace-loving vibe. Discover more stunning jewelry and accessories perfect for you in our complete February birthstone collection.

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