Zodiac Crystals for Gemini

If your birthday falls between May 22 and June 22, you’re a Gemini. As someone born under an air sign, you’re as brainy as you are beautiful. Always the rational one in the group, you can set aside your feelings at a moment’s notice and quickly solve any problem for your best friends.

Ruled by Mercury, you’re witty and quick on your feet. You can adapt to just about any situation – and you love to learn anything new – your curiosity knows no bounds.

You’re probably the one that everyone wants to invite to parties. You can’t help it. You’re just so fun to be around!

Sun in Gemini: Shine Even Brighter with Your Gemini Birthstones

Your sun sign is the easiest to calculate because it depends on your birthdate. Back in ancient times, astronomers figured out where the sun would pass through each constellation in the sky. That constellation determined your sun sign.

Sun signs influence your personality, so choosing to wear crystals that enhance your Gemini persona can really power up your strengths. And, they’ll even out those areas in which you might need a little help from your friends.

As a Gemini, you’ll find your best gemstone friends to be pearl and moonstone. Mystical, light white stones inspire you, and enhance your curiosity and creativity.

This pearl ring goes with everything, and you can wear it any day you need a little extra inspiration.

Crystals for Gemini Moon

Moonstone, too, is a perfect choice for the Gemini. Channeling the power of the moon, it leverages your restless nature to help you move on to new opportunities and open new doors.

Keep things effortless and airy with this moonstone ring.

Gemini Rising Crystals

Gemini Rising Sign: Your Ascendant Crystal

Your ascendant (rising) sign enhances your public face. It’s how others see you – and it depends on which constellation rose on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth.

If those stars were Gemini, you love it when others notice you, and you’re always on the move toward the next big adventure.

Although sometimes you might not seem serious, it’s just your innate talent for always thinking up new ideas.

Your taste in jewelry is as innovative as your public persona. Combine the mood-boosting power of tourmaline with a stunning array of shades in this unique asymmetric ring. With various sizes and colors of these gorgeous raw stones on your hand, you’ll be the center of everyone’s attention.

Crystals for Gemini Rising

Emerald brings good vibes when you’re a Gemini rising. Emerald helps you balance your restless soul with stability in all your partnerships, whether it’s personal or business. You'll look amazing with these emerald studs.

Best Crystals for Gemini Rising

Gemini Moon Sign: Your Lunar Crystals Bring Out Your Inner Self

Your moon sign, like your ascendant sign, is dependent on the moment of your birth. However, your moon sign is determined by the constellation that the moon passed through during your birth. It reveals your inner self – your emotional side.

When your moon is in Gemini, you naturally put others at ease with your sociable self. Yet when you go to bed at night, your wheels never stop spinning with an outpouring of ideas – ideas that could change the world, if only you could remember them when you wake up.

It turns out that the same crystals that power an ascendant Gemini also help you when you have a Gemini lunar sign. It only makes sense because that restless undertone that runs through all Geminis affects your inner self, too.

With one addition: sapphire. There’s one downside: and that’s your bluntness. You tell it like it is. Sapphire helps tamp down the urge to blurt out your opinion, infusing you with empathy that allows you to communicate effectively, yet lovingly.

This sapphire cuff is the right choice to channel your Gemini power.

Gemini Moon Crystals

Take your Gemini charm to new levels when you wear jewelry that accents your zodiac strengths. Find more raw stone jewelry and accessories to adorn your Gemini spark in our June birthstone collection.

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