Zodiac Crystals for Leo

Leading with your heart is your comfort zone when you’re a Leo woman. Like the lioness you are, you’re the queen of your domain.

If your birthday falls between July 23 and August 22, you’re a Leo. You’re innovative, passionate, and light up every room you enter.

It’s no wonder. Ruled by the sun, you have a sunny disposition and are fiercely loyal.

And yeah, you’re fiery when anyone hurts someone you love. Chalk it up to your being a fire sign.

One more thing — you have a flair for drama like no other, taking center stage wherever you go.

You want to wear crystals that will enhance your best qualities.

Amethyst has the power to calm and balance you when that passion gets a little out of control.

With this delicate stacking ring, gorgeous raw amethysts take center stage. Or, if you’re heading for major stress, try stacking them to triple or quadruple their calming power.

Leo Rising Crystals

Sun in Leo: Your Leo Birthstones

Your sun sign tells which constellation the sun passed through during the month of your birth. With your combination of leadership and passion, it’s not a surprise that some Leos choose politics for their career, including former President Obama.

The traditional August birthstone, peridot, instills its wearer with understanding and humility, traits that can help you enhance your compassion yet balance your passion with wisdom.

These dainty peridot studs are just the thing to wear when you need to shine.

Crystals for Leo Rising

But when you want your creativity at the forefront, wear this raw carnelian and citrine stunner. With carnelian’s rich red beauty and citrine’s warm energy, your creativity will take center stage.

Leo Ascendant Crystals

Leo Rising Sign: Your Ascendant Crystal

Your rising (ascendant) sign is the constellation that rose on the eastern horizon the exact moment you were born. It’s a little more complicated to find but well worth the effort to learn. Use an ascendant sign calculator to make it a little easier.

Here’s why. Your rising sign is how others see you – the “you” you present to the world – your public face. For leaders, like Leos, wearing crystals that enhance your bubbly confidence make you unbeatable at everything you go for.

For a Leo rising, it’s no surprise that your ascendant stone is sunny citrine. Piling even more joy and positivity on top of your natural bent, citrine enhances your chance to grab onto opportunities and attract the right people to help you.

Our aforementioned orange ombré ring features citrine surrounded by an array of orange and yellow raw crystals.

Leo Moon and Lunar Crystals

Your moon sign is the star constellation through which the moon passed at the moment of your birth. It reveals your emotional side.

Cheery and adventurous, you’re fiercely loyal.

You’re creative and romantic, but you think hard before you leap into love.

Ruby amplifies all these qualities and then some. Guarding against the kinds of negative energy that could drain you, ruby enhances your natural ability to lead.

Wear this ruby ring, and you’ll fill your heart with joy and your mind with clarity.

Leo Rising Crystals

Find more raw stone jewelry and accessories to adorn your Leo spark in our August birthstone collection.

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