Zodiac Crystals for Libra

If your birthday lies between September 23 and October 22, you’re a Libra. Cool, brainy, yet incredibly charming, you’re a perfect match for the crisp fall days that signal your birthday.

Although you’re an air sign, you’re anything but an airhead. Your amazing love for balance keeps your life – and your home – in perfect order.

Then there’s your other side. Ruled by Venus, you love to indulge yourself in the best things life has to offer. You never dip your toe into the self-love water. You dive in with Olympian perfection.

With your love for all things beautiful and your bent toward perfection, you choose your jewelry and other accessories with an eye for perfecting your natural beauty. All three of your power stones – opal, aquamarine, and quartz – take center stage in this incredible Opal Aquamarine Quartz Ring.

Best Crystals for Libra Rising

These raw crystals do more than just look amazing. Opal, the traditional October birthstone, amplifies your karma, attracting prosperity and good vibes, so long as you give the same to others. Aquamarine, on the other hand, helps you gain that karma, promoting harmony and tolerance, kicking judgmental thoughts to the curb. Quartz enhances your ability to make decisions, always a challenge for the perfectionist Libra. Together, these stones will enhance your life as well as your good looks.

Sun in Libra: Your Libra Birthstones

Based on the sun's position in the sky during the month of your birth, your sun sign forms your main personality traits. If you’re a Libra, you often overanalyze, ruminating over every decision as if it would change the entire world. When that trait turns negative, you need something to help turn that quirk into a positive one.

Libra Ascendant Crystals

For Libras, sunny topaz can do just that. It brings out the joy you crave, replacing oversensitivity and judgmental thoughts with a flood of positivity.

When you wear these cheery topaz studs, you can’t help but wear a smile along with them. Crafted from raw stones with organic recycled metal settings, they’ll be your go-to autumn earrings since their gorgeous blend of orange and gold is the perfect accent for your fall wardrobe.

Libra Rising Sign: Your Ascendant Crystal

Your ascendant (rising) sign is the constellation that rose in the east at the time of your birth. It reveals the way others see you – your public face. If you don’t know what your rising sign is, consult a rising sign calculator to check it out.

If that sign is Libra, you’re obsessed with justice. You’re at the forefront of righting every wrong, but your goal is always to bring peace to the situation. A natural negotiator and diplomat, you’re the one your co-workers call on to smooth things over.

Crystals for Libra Rising

Accentuate your ability to charm others into making nice with this raw pink and green tourmaline ring. The raw tourmaline enhances creativity, allowing you to come up with creative solutions to the world’s many challenges.

Libra Moon Sign: Your Moon and Lunar Crystals

Whatever zodiac sign the moon passed through the moment you were born determines your moon sign. Your moon sign rules your inner self.

If that sign is Libra, your inner self often comes to the forefront, even when you’re in public. Transparent about your feelings, you – like the Libra rising – are a natural diplomat.

You love making your home a haven, but it’s rarely out of order. To you, the most comfortable home is one where everything has its place.

Also, like the Libra rising woman, rose quartz is your superpower. For you, it provides that sense of harmony you crave, creating balance in situations that otherwise might throw you off.

Libra Rising Crystals

You’ll look more than pretty in pink when you wear these gorgeous rose quartz studs for those make-or-break moments. The stones’ calming power will amplify both your reason and compassion, allowing you to see all sides of even the toughest issue.

Take some time to balance your wardrobe as well as your life. Discover more raw beauty to accent your own with our October birthstone collection.

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