Zodiac Crystals for Taurus

A lover of luxury, if your birthday comes between April 21 and May 21, you’re a Taurus – and you surround yourself with beauty and comfort.

The Taurus Woman is Determined and Ambitious

As someone born under an earth sign, you have a fantastic grasp on living life – and living it well. You’re practical, wise with your money, and move up the ladder with style.

That style, though. Ruled by the planet Venus, you love to indulge with fabulous design. But as an earthy Taurus, flashy is off the table.

Chosen to help you indulge your passion for the finer things in life, these raw crystals can bring out the best in your character.

First up, striking sapphire rings in cornflower blue and glowing white sapphire. Set in 14-karat gold plated metal, these stones have properties that go well beyond their inherent beauty.

Sapphire – one of the power crystals for the Taurus woman – brings a little spiritual enlightenment into your life to balance your focus.

Crystals for Taurus Rising

Sun in Taurus: Leverage Your Inner Bull with Crystals as Strong as You

Determined by the constellation the sun passed through on the day you were born, your sun sign influences your personality. Taurus women are strong, reliable – often the rock of their group.

When you leverage the power of your Taurus birthstones, you can enhance your ability to push past obstacles and achieve your goals with your usual calm.

In addition to emerald and sapphire, carnelian is another power stone for the Taurus woman. Carnelian’s warmth helps your soft-spoken personality express itself in confidence.

These orange ombré rings are an amazing option that include the carnelian power stone.

Crystals for Taurus Ascendant

When Taurus Is Your Ascendant Sign, Opal Reigns

Your ascendant (rising) sign is the zodiac sign that rose on the eastern horizon the moment you were born. Since where the eastern horizon lies depends on the place you were born as well as the time, it pays to use an ascendant sign calculator to figure it all out.

Your rising sign is the outer you – the way other people see you. Emeralds, blue sapphires, and Herkimer diamonds, too, are perfect for you as well as a traditional sun sign Taurus. There is another stone, though, that will work magic when you wear it – opal.

Boosting your natural Taurus charm – and your love life *yay* – an opal piece can take everything you love in life to the next level. With these charming opal studs in your ears, you’ll conquer your world.

Crystals for Taurus Moon

Raw opals stack asymmetrically with aquamarine stones in these stunning studs. Pair them with an emerald piece to really rock the Taurus vibe.

Taurus Moon Sign: Your Lunar Crystals

Your moon sign – the constellation that the moon passed through when you were born – reveals the inner you – your emotional self. If that sign is Taurus, you’ll crave stability, dabbling in DIY projects, gardening, and cooking good-for-you dishes from scratch.

Like those with a Taurus sun sign, your inner life emerges in all its fullness when you wear emeralds. With their springy green and gold color palette, these emerald studs will make every day feel like a spring morning.

Taurus Rising Crystals

These raw emerald stones bring harmony to every aspect of your life. 

Take your emerald palette to the next level with this dazzling green ombre ring.

Taurus Birthstone Ring

Crafted from an array of green raw stones in an amazing ombre pattern, and with emerald in the mix, this ring will make sure you’ll enjoy good luck along with the Taurus harmony your moon sign demands.

As an earthy Taurus, your perfect accessories include raw stones. Discover more handmade Taurus beauty in our May birthstone collection.

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