Zodiac Crystals for Virgo

Practical and a bit of a perfectionist, the Virgo woman is a born organizer. If your birthday lies between August 23 and September 22, you’re the one all your friends call on when they’re ready to Kondo their messy closets. Wearing crystals that accentuate your Virgo gifts and balance your tendency to never feel satisfied can help you not only look fabulous but feel fantastic as well.

Ruled by Mercury, you’re all about clear communication. The minute your girlfriend comes to you, crying her eyes out about complicated relationship issues, you’re there to untangle her emotions and help her sort out her thoughts.

When you wear sapphire, its incredible light flows through your body, enhancing your clarity to new levels. It’s the traditional September birthstone — but no worries — August Virgos can wear it with equally fantastic results.

With this sapphire tapered cuff, you’ll listen with a new focus. Not only that, but you’ll look amazing, too.

Crystals for Virgo Rising

Sun in Virgo: Your Virgo Birthstones

As is typical for someone born under an Earth sign, Virgos are practical above all else. If you’re a Virgo, you’re all about perfecting your skills. You’re the one everyone envies for her Instagram-worthy creations, displayed for all to see.

That quest for the perfect everything sometimes turns into an obsession with the Virgo woman. Wearing topaz, though, can help you channel your passion for perfection in a positive direction. Its warm orange color captures your earthy side, grounding you with the reminder that you’re perfect just as you are.

These eye-catching topaz studs need to be your go-to accessory, especially as fall looms on the horizon.

Virgo Birthstone Jewelry

Virgo Rising Sign: Your Ascendant Crystal

If the constellation that rose on the eastern horizon at the moment you were born was Virgo, you’re a Virgo rising, regardless of your birth month. Also called your ascendant sign, this zodiac sign reveals how other people see you.

Like people with a Virgo sun sign, you’re meticulous, organized, and focused on perfection. However, Virgo ascendants often go overboard, appearing a bit judgmental to those not so motivated as you.

And one more thing. You’re highly sensitive to any kind of discomfort. Wearing blue tourmaline can turn these negative vibes positive, giving you the control you crave over your life.

This gorgeous blue ombre ring features blue tourmaline in a stunning array of peaceful blue stones, adding turquoise, sapphire, lapis, and blue topaz to the mix.

Best Crystals for Virgo Rising

Virgo Moon Sign: Your Moon and Lunar Crystals

Your moon sign reveals the inner you. It’s the constellation through which the moon passed the moment you were born.

If your moon sign is in Virgo, you love structure. When that logical universe gets even a little out of whack, though, you begin to get anxious.

Wearing calming carnelian jewelry, especially those that pair this stone with cheery citrine, can create an oasis within your soul. Especially when these jewels are set in such a striking gemstone ring.

Crystals for Virgo Ascendant

Discover even more handmade pieces fit for your sign in our September birthstone collection.

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