Zodiac Crystals for Your Cancer Astrological Sign

Ruled by her compassion and love for others, the Cancer woman leads with her heart in every life she touches. Guided by the zodiac’s water element, her intensity never wavers when it comes to defending her family and friends.

When your birthday falls between June 21 and July 22 – you lucky Cancer – you’re the one everyone wants for their BFF.

Some Say You’re Moody…But You’re So Much More…You’re a Cancer

Just because yours is a moon sign, yes, your emotions do some major flip-flops. But that might just be your intuition at work. You can always tell when something is off.

But all that sensitivity that makes you a born nurturer can wreak a toll on your own frame of mind. That’s where emerald comes in. It’s the perfect crystal to nurture the nurturer.

Its stable energy will be there to ground you when you feel a little off-balance. Wear it close to your pulse points so it can soothe you with its earth-hugging vibes. Straight to the heart.

These emerald hoops are the perfect accessory for instant calm. Call it your crystal therapist.

Crystals for Cancer Rising

When Your Sun’s in Cancer: Your Cancer Birthstones

Your sun sign is the constellation the sun was passing through on the day you were born. It’s a powerful influence on those personality traits that define you as a person. Stones that enhance those characteristics can turn them into superpowers.

As one of the three water element signs in the zodiac, you’re intense, yet love the shelter of home. You constantly weave between the material and emotional realms.

Ruby enhances both sides of your strengths. The traditional July birthstone, ruby elevates your passion for achieving your goals.

Its grounding energy lets you to put into action all the practical steps you need to turn your passions into reality.

Channel the power of water with a ruby ombré ring.

Gemstones for Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Rising: Your Ascendant Crystal

The sign that rose on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth is your ascendant sign. It influences your public face – your outward persona.

If that sign was Cancer, then you’re probably so sensitive to others’ needs that you forget about yourself. Moonstone – ruled by the moon, just like you – enhances your independence and strength.

This orange ombre ring is an untraditional take on moonstone. It contains peach moonstones perfect for your ascendant crystal.

Crystals for Cancer Ascendant

Cancer Moon Sign: Your Moon and Lunar Crystals

If the moon was in Cancer when you were born, your inner child reflects the signature Cancer traits. With your yin-yang blend of emotional and practical thoughts, you need a soothing stone to bring these qualities to the forefront.

Pearl does just that. Calming and healing, it enhances your internal integrity.

This iridescent ring embraces the water aspect of your Cancer sign. The ring's dotted with a shimmering pearl.

Crystals for Cancer Rising

Discover more handmade Cancer beauty in our July birthstone collection.

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