Zodiac Crystals for Your Capricorn Birthday

If you're lucky enough to have your birthday fall between December 22 and January 20, you’re a Capricorn. Born in one of the earth elements of the zodiac, you’re likely a down-to-earth nature lover: practical, focused on your job, and a solid rock when your best friends are all falling apart. Zodiac crystals that enhance those earthy qualities are a fantastic choice — and should definitely make an appearance on your birthday wish list!

Sun Signs, Moon Signs, and Ascendant Signs...

Those dates that make you a Capricorn have their roots in ancient history. When astronomers saw constellations “appear and disappear” according to the seasons, they figured out where the daytime sun would pass through each constellation. Those constellations became the sun signs of the zodiac.

Your Moon Sign

But there are a couple of other lesser-known signs that also can impact your personal vibe. One is your moon sign. Your moon sign — the place in the sky where the moon passed through at the time of your birth — describes the inner you: your emotional side.

Even if your sun sign is something other than Capricorn, zodiac crystals that echo the patience and earthiness you carry around inside can help you realize your true self. Learn what your moon sign is on an online moon sign calculator, and then treat yourself to some raw gems that bring out your inner spirit.

Your Ascendant Sign

Also called your “rising sign,” your ascendant sign is the sign of the zodiac that influences your outer persona. Whatever sign of the zodiac rose on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth reflects is your ascendant sign. When that sign is Capricorn, you’ll have the work ethic that will drive you to unlimited success. 

Crystals That Align with Your Capricorn Sun Sign

  • Garnet: For Capricorns, there’s nothing like garnet jewelry to bring out your earthy qualities. Its rich color warms up even the coldest winter, while its energy keeps you grounded in the present. Calming and stable, it helps you stand firm in the face of fear, stressful situations, or even panic. Garnet is a Capricorn’s secret power—and you should wear it often.
  • Ruby: Capitalizing on your already well-disciplined nature, you wearing ruby jewelry hones your sense of responsibility to new levels, making it the perfect stone to wear when you need to tackle an inbox full of emails or finish a big  creative project with a tight deadline.
  • Peridot: On those days where envy and comparisonitis get the better of you, put on a pair of peridot earrings and cleanse your mind from all those harsh thoughts. Boost your relationship IQ by giving jealousy the boot with this gorgeous green stone.

Crystals for Capricorn Moon

Stay grounded in this gorgeous green ombré stacking ring, featuring green garnet.

Crystals for Capricorn Rising

Build on your innate responsibility while looking amazing in this ruby ring.

Capricorn Moon Crystals Peridot Ring

Envy won’t have a chance when you wear raw crystals jewelry like these hand-hammered peridot rings.

Zodiac Crystals to Align with Your Capricorn Moon Sign

  • Rose quartz: If your moon sign is Capricorn, there’s nothing like rose quartz to boost your energy. Consider it like caffeine for a Capricorn. Not only does it give you an added shot of energy, but it also helps you pamper yourself with self-love and trust, qualities you need with your uber-responsible nature.
  • Moonstone: Channel your divine feminine and send aggressive feelings away when you wear jewelry featuring this stunning translucent stone.

Capricorn Ascendant Crystals

Handmade rings such as this moonstone ring helps you defuse anger and aggression.

Crystals for Capricorn Rose Quartz

If both your sun and moon signs are Capricorn, these rose quartz studs are the perfect zodiac jewelry for Capricorn.

Stones That Align with Your Ascendant Sign

  • Garnet: For those with a Capricorn ascendant sign, garnet has an ability to lighten up the oh-so-serious Capricorn tendencies, thanks to its property of capturing light and positive energy. When you feel overwhelmed with life’s challenges, find your happy place when you wear your favorite piece of garnet jewelry.
  • Carnelian: If your rising sign is Capricorn, your serious side can get in the way of your energy and creativity. Carnelian’s bright orange-red glow stimulates your creative side, infusing you with the energy to complete every project you dream up.

Carnelian for Capricorn

Lighten your mood in this orange ombré ring, containing raw orange garnet stones and carnelian.

Capricorn Rising Sign Carnelian Necklace

When you wear raw gemstone jewelry like this stunning rhodocrosite, strawberry quartz, and carnelian beaded necklace (coming soon!), you’ll channel your creative side.

Crystals that channel your innate Capricorn strengths can not only complement your outfits but can also accentuate your sign’s unique vibe. Find more January birthstone jewelry in our Capricorn-perfect collection today!

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