How to Layer & Style Necklaces

How to Layer & Style Necklaces

We’re back with another styling post for you – this time involving necklaces! We must admit, it can be challenging to pair necklaces together (or at least more challenging than styling rings).

But today we’re making it easier by breaking down which necklaces to pair together, what lengths to wear each piece and even what hairstyles pairs best with one of the options!


First Style: Herkimer Diamond Medallion + Hiddenite, Opal And Onyx Medallion

Dani Barbe Raw Stone Medallion Pendants

The medallion pendant necklaces are in our opinion, the easiest to style and most versatile necklace style in the line. The circular shape pairs so well with all of the other Dani Barbe necklace styles and existing necklaces we have.

Even though the circle pairs well with other shapes, our favorite way to wear the medallion pendants is together like we did here! We paired the Herkimer Diamond Medallion Necklace with Hiddenite, Opal And Onyx Medallion Necklace and we think the combo looks beautiful.

Herkimer and opal medallion pendants by Dani Barbe

Since these are the same style, we made sure to wear one of them shorter than the other so both of the pendants are shown off. These necklaces have different loops you can put the clasp into which made it really easy to wear at different lengths.

Second Style: Herkimer Diamond Bar Necklace + Herkimer Diamond Medallion

Herkimer Diamond Necklaces by Dani Barbe

Another simple tip for styling necklaces is to pair like gems - like we did here with these herkimer diamond necklaces. Both of these are so beautiful alone, the herkimer diamond pieces are some of our favorites.

For this look we decided to make the Herkimer Diamond Bar Necklace into more of a choker style by wearing it shorter and then keeping the Herkimer Diamond Medallion Necklace long.  

Herkimer Diamond Layering Necklaces by Dani Barbe

We wore all of these styles with v-neck tops but we think these would look great over a simple white, crew neck t-shirt.

Third Style: Sapphire Curve Necklace + Topaz, Labradorite And Iolite Ring

Sapphire Curve Necklace by Dani Barbe

Will you just look at this stunning necklace!! The Sapphire Curve Necklace is such a stunner, we couldn’t imagine pairing it with another necklace - all the attention should be on this beauty.

We even decided this necklace goes best with an up-do and again, simple clothing to really let it shine.

You could wear this necklace on the longer side but you have a lot of freedom because the clasp can really be connected anywhere on the chain. We decided to wear this necklace very short, almost like a choker style and we loved how it looks this way.

Sapphire Necklace with Topaz Ring by Dani Barbe

You could wear a simple pair of earrings with this piece but we opted to style it with one of our favs – the Topaz, Labradorite And Iolite Ring. The tones in the ring compliment the necklace without being too matchy.

Which necklace that we styled today is your favorite? We’d have to say our favorite is the simple yet beautiful Herkimer Diamond Bar Necklace!

Written & photographed for by Britta & Carli Garsow 

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