November's Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine

Bursting with the colors of autumn leaves, November’s birthstones heat up your fall wardrobe with their fiery glow. Rustic and one-of-a-kind, raw stone jewelry in November’s colors is the perfect complement for textured knits and soft sweaters. Our November collection of handmade birthstone jewelry features these two stones both solo and in dazzling combinations that rock fall’s colors.

Topaz: Wearable Fire

Legend has it that topaz’s name came from the Sanskrit word meaning “fire,” says the Gem Institute of America. Who are we to argue with the ancients? With colors that range from sunny yellow to vivid orange-red--and even blue and white--topaz captures fire within every stone.

That fire within has sparked a wealth of stories about the stone’s magical powers. In the Renaissance, Europeans credited topaz for breaking spells and creating a sense of calm during disagreements. In India, many people believe that wearing topaz above your heart will grant you intelligence, beauty, and long life.

Whether or not it can dispel bad vibes, topaz creates its own magic with these go-with-everything tiny studs.

November Birthstone Topaz

Double up on the magic when you pair your topaz studs with stones in other fall colors, like this stunning combination of labradorite, iolite and imperial topaz set into a hand hammered ring. The stones’ raw beauty accents all the earthy tones of your fall wardrobe.

November Birthstone Ring

Even today, many people believe that wearing topaz brings clarity when you’re facing a tough challenge. If so, when you pair its gleaming white version with pearl, Herkimer diamonds, and other stones thought to enhance clarity and truth, white topaz jewelry will be your go-to gems to wear at your workplace.

This ombre ring is set with white topaz and other stones rumored to bring insight, done in a dazzling array of whites from warm to cool. November Birthstone Crystals

Citrine—Autumn’s Magic Captured in a Stone

Along with topaz, citrine is the natural choice for a November birthstone. With colors that range from pale yellow to brownish-orange, this quartz variation echoes the colors of autumn leaves and shining sunlight. Whether or not you enjoy a November birthday, a collection of citrine jewelry is a fall fashion essential.

Rare in nature, citrine stones today usually come from heat-treated amethyst, another quartz variation. Whatever its origin, its blazing tones have accented fall wardrobes from the Victorian era onwards.

This citrine ring is about as far from Victorian as you can get. Raw stones sparkle from a modern 14-karat gold setting to set off your fall wardrobe to perfection.

Citrine Birthstone Jewelry

Many people believe that wearing the stone enhances hearing—and even abundance and success. Others believe that citrine stimulates wonder, joy, and delight in its wearer, releasing negativity as it cleanses your mind.

One thing’s for sure. Whether you wear this ring as a November birthstone ring, or you wear a set of these citrine stacking rings for the beauty of it, you’ll rock autumn’s colors... Now that’s what we call pure joy!

November Birthstone Jewelry

The great thing about November’s birthstone collection? No matter which month your birthday lies in, these raw gemstones are the perfect accessories to your fall wardrobe.

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