Iridescent Birthstone Ring

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A nuanced take on classic ombre, this iridescent ombre ring features a collection of shimmering stones in various shades of white. With Herkimer diamond, pearl, quartz, opal, moonstone, and white topaz stones, these raw gemstones range from warm creams to the coolest whites.

Symbolizing peace, purity, and compassion, these stones have been prized down through the centuries. In today’s world, this stunning ring with an ombre of neutral whites is the perfect accessory for every outfit in your closet.

• Hand-hammered ring band
• Ring band width 1.5 mm
• Heavy nickel-free gold-plated band
• Every stone varies slightly
• Herkimer diamond, pearl, quartz, opal, white topaz, and moonstone

• A perfect choice for people with birthdays in April, June, July, October, and November

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