Zodiac Crystals for Aries

Leading from behind isn’t an option for you if you’re an Aries. Bold, confident, and passionate – and let’s face it, a little impulsive – you take the lead in everything you tackle. If your birthday falls between March 21 and April 19, you’re an Aries.

The Aries Woman is Bold, Beautiful and Headstrong

Like any typical Aries, you want to dive headfirst into everything. Totally natural.

That’s because Aries rules your head. You’re a natural leader – and no doubt, you’re already looking for ways to enhance your uber-positive personality and soar to the top.

So, let’s just cut to the chase – as any Aries knows – is the only way to rock your Aries vibe. Picked out just for you, our fave Aries crystals can enhance your inner leader and mesmerize everyone around you.

Yours is a fire sign – in fact, the first in the zodiac. Take your boldness and fiery passion to the next level with this stunning ring.

Crystals for Aries

Featuring citrine, carnelian, and topaz raw stones, these fashion-forward pieces enhance your turbocharged personality with fiery carnelian.

But they don’t only enhance your inner fire. With topaz in the ring, they throw wisdom and guidance into the mix, giving you the focus you need to meet your ever-growing list of goals.

Though you’re decisive by nature, you often need clarity to balance your decisions with spiritual insight and reason. The perfect foil for blazing carnelian, genuine turquoise gives you the clairvoyance to keep you from hasty decisions.

Best Gemstones for Aries

Bright green-blue raw turquoise set into polished studs provides fashion insight as well as inner clarity. A stunning addition to your summer wardrobe or to complement your collection of orange carnelian jewelry, these studs will be your go-to as you venture boldly out into the world.

Lead with Your Sun Sign

Long ago, ancient astrologers observed a connection between where the sun passed through each star constellation and the personality traits of those born during those times. Just like the sun illuminates the world, your sun sign illuminates your life, displaying your character to those around you.

Aries, symbolized by a ram, rules your head. Just as a ram plunges headfirst to take the lead in his flock, you lead your group with your foresight and intensity.

Sometimes, though, that intensity needs a little grounding, am I right? That’s where Herkimer diamonds fit into the Aries mix.

The traditional April birthstone, diamonds – especially ethically mined Herkimer diamonds – can take the edge off your natural intensity to ground you, make you more thoughtful, and help you form a more cohesive vision that draws others to follow.

Follow your head as well as your heart with these sparkling Herkimer diamond studs. As you allow Aries to rule your mind’s energy, your decisions will be as rational as they are quick.

Aries Moon Crystals

Worn close to your head, these gorgeous raw crystals will work their Aries magic a hundredfold. Intensify their beauty – and their power – with this Herkimer diamond cuff guiding your dominant hand.

Crystals for Aries Moon

What If Aries Is My Ascendant Sign?

Glad you asked. If Aries rose on the eastern horizon at the exact time of your birth, you more than often act before you think. But that’s ok, providing you balance your capacity for quick decisions with perceptive intuition and clear-minded thinking.

Your rising sign impacts your outer persona. Because that’s the side that influences those around you, you want to ensure that you’ve clarified your thoughts before you speak them into existence.

We have the perfect stone to do just that. And, even better, it just so happens to be a neutral that you can wear with anything in your wardrobe. Really.

Clear quartz, sculpted to bring out its natural beauty and set into a gorgeous stacking ring with opal and aquamarine, enhances both your intuition and clarity, even as it looks fabulous on your hands.

Aries Rising Crystals

Multiply the effect when you pile one on top of another for eye-popping beauty and positive vibes.

What If My Moon Sign Is Aries?

Your moon sign comes from the constellation through which the moon passed when you were born. If you don’t know if your moon sign is Aries or not, use a moon sign calculator to find out!

Whether your sun sign is Aries or not, you’re one lucky woman if Aries is your moon sign. With Aries as your moon sign, passionate leadership drives you toward your goals.

Enhance those inner emotions and bring them to the forefront with raw gems that add a touch of Aries fire to the mix.

Worn near your heart, this stunning necklace (coming soon!) brings out your inner Aries with the fire of carnelian. Paired with rhodochrosite and jade, it brings confidence, sparks joy, and attracts prosperity and success.

Best Crystals for Aries Rising

Strawberry quartz brings a touch of pale pink to the mix. Wearing it with carnelian and rhodochrosite, it balances your drive for success with the need to bring others along with your vision.

But with your moon in Aries, you’re often restless, filled with more energy than you can fit into a day. The cool, calm purity of clear quartz and Herkimer diamonds can help you defuse that energy and bring a quiet clarity to your day.

With a range of calming whites, this ombre ring shimmers with peaceful vibes. Herkimer diamonds and quartz stones join pearl, moonstone, white topaz, and opal in an iridescent glow.

Crystals for Aries Rising

With its neutral color palette, this ring will soon become your go-to accessory to temper your inner fire with an array of icy stones.

If you’re an Aries – you want handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry that enhances your take-charge vibe. Take charge now – and discover even more Aries-perfect selections in our April birthstone collection.

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