Zodiac Crystals for Scorpio

Born between October 23 and November 21, Scorpios have one of the most passionate vibes in the entire zodiac.

If you’re a Scorpio, there’s no better best friend than you. Your loyalty rocks your relationships – and you’d fight to the death for those who you love.

Even though your temper is often fiery, yours is actually a water sign. But you’re ruled by Pluto and Mars – the rulers of the underworld and war – so you tend toward the dark side. Let’s just say that your waters run deep – and can sometimes overwhelm when you indulge your tendency to worry.

Though golden topaz is the traditional November birthstone, try white topaz when negative energies threaten to undo you. This stunning iridescent birthstone ring features white topaz paired with a gorgeous collection of our best shimmering stones to keep negative thoughts far away, giving you the peace and joy that often eludes you.

Best Crystals for Scorpio Rising

The Scorpio Sun Sign: Crystals for Your True Scorpio Self

Your sun sign reveals your true nature. If that sign is Scorpio, you’re relentless in the pursuit of your passions – often leaning into them so much that they become obsessions. For your career – and your love life, should your find a partner as much into romance as you – that can be a plus, so long as you don’t tip the balance into control freak territory.

Even though your tastes run a bit dark, you always keep a hero’s cape in your closet. When someone you love is under fire, you’re the first to run into the flames headfirst to save them. Courage is your superpower.

Enhance that superpower with crystals that enhance your positive energies. Amethyst is one of your power stones. Give your inner naysayer the boot, and enhance your spirituality and peace of mind with these amethyst stud earrings.

Best Crystals for Scorpio

Scorpio Rising Sign: Your Ascendant Crystal

Your ascendant (rising) sign is the zodiac sign rising on the horizon at the moment you were born. It influences your public face – the you others see.

When your ascendant sign is Scorpio, your personality draws others to you like a magnet. Even though you play your passions close to the vest, your emotional undercurrent gives you a mysterious vibe.

Ruby accessories make the magic happen for Scorpio ascendants. Rubies enhance the brilliance and inner power that characterize your native magnetism.

This ruby ring is a perfect match for the ascendant Scorpio’s inherent appeal. Deep red stones set into sparkling 14-karat gold plate make your hands the center of attention.

Crystals for Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Moon Sign: Your Lunar Crystal

If the moon was moving through Scorpio when you were born, Scorpio is your moon sign. Moon signs reveal your inner self – your emotional side.

When your inner child is Scorpio, you have an incredible insight into the human psyche. You can decipher hidden meanings in conversations – and your mind functions like a human lie detector.

But all that awareness of others’ moods takes its toll, particularly when you encounter people with a toxic vibe.

Enhance the qualities that make you a fantastic judge of people’s intentions while protecting yourself from their toxicity when you wear rainbow-sparkling labradorite on your fingers. This asymmetric ring pairs labradorite with topaz and iolite for a touch of visual magic. It stacks beautifully with our ruby ring, making the perfect ring stack for Scorpio.

Scorpio Stone Jewelry

Ancient wisdom once believed that this stone captured fire within its icy center. We agree. It’s like carrying the magic of the Northern Lights along with you every day of the week.

Want even more wearable magic? Discover more Scorpio crystal creations in our November birthstone collection.

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