Ombré Birthstone Collection

Our collection of raw stone rings will turn your fingers into a blaze of color in ombré shades.

Since many birthstones come in more than one color, I wanted to create an ombré collection that allows you to choose your personal favorite. The best part? You can represent your birth month with more than one of these rings.

I hope you mix and match these to symbolize something special to you. Whether it’s you and your best friends’ birthstones, your children, or your anniversary month—these crystals channel those emotions in a rainbow of colors. The ombré shades add an element of fun.

As a raw stone lover, I loved to play with these gorgeous stones. I cut and shaped every stone by hand and hand-hammered the band to create a one-of-a-kind piece just for you.

Here’s the breakdown of this new collection…

Blue Ombré Birthstone Ring

Blue Tourmaline Ring by Dani Barbe

  • The Crystals: Aquamarine, blue topaz, turquoise, blue tourmaline, sapphire, and lapis
  • Birthstones: March, September, October, November, and December
  • Good Vibes: Positive vibes of peace, youthfulness, and integrity. Some wearers even believe it enhances your independence.


Green Ombré Birthstone Ring

Prasiolite Ring by Dani Barbe

  • The Crystals: Hiddenite, prasiolite (green quartz/amethyst), peridot, green tourmaline, emerald, and green garnet
  • Birthstones: January, February, April, May, August, and October
  • Good Vibes: Long-rumored to bring their wearer good luck and even wealth


Iridescent Birthstone Ring

White Ombre Ring by Dani Barbe

  • The Crystals: Herkimer diamond, pearl, quartz, opal, white topaz, and moonstone
  • Birthstones: April, June, July, October, and November
  • Good Vibes: Symbolizing peace, purity, and compassion, these stones have been prized down through the centuries


Orange Ombré Birthstone Ring

Orange Ombre Ring by Dani Barbe

  • The Crystals: Carnelian, orange garnet, topaz, sunstone, citrine, and peach moonstone
  • Birthstones: January, June, and November
  • Good Vibes: Not only do orange stones channel the colors of autumn, but they also—according to many people—provide you with extra energy as you go about your day.


Pink Ombré Birthstone Ring

Pink Ombre Ring by Dani Barbe

  • The Crystals: Garnet, ruby, pink tourmaline, morganite, and pink pearl
  • Birthstones: January, July, October, and June
  • Good Vibes: If you’re a believer in crystals’ properties to soothe the soul, pink stones bring out your inner lover—empowering you to unleash affection without fear. And, with garnet in the mix, you’ll enjoy its deep regenerative powers, renewing your spirit each day you wear it.


 Purple Ombré Birthstone Ring

Purple Ombre Ring by Dani Barbe

  • The Crystals: Amethyst, spinel, delicate pink sapphire, and tanzanite
  • Birthstones: February, August, September, and December
  • Good Vibes: Many people believe that the power of purple gemstones goes beyond their visual impact. Since ancient times, people have credited these stones for providing clarity and a more balanced life. 


Rainbow Ring Birthstone by Dani Barbe

With six rings to choose from, which is your favorite? You can shop the entire Ombre Birthstone Collection here.

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