Purple Ombré Birthstone Ring

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Long associated with royalty, the purple gemstones in this ombre ring will make you feel like a queen the moment you put it on. With raw amethyst, spinel, pink sapphire, and tanzanite stones set in an ombre design, you’ll be sure to turn heads.

A hand-hammered 14-karat gold plated band adds to the ring’s textural feel. Its rich, sparkling colors are the perfect complement to fall and winter’s dark jewel tones. Many people believe that the power of purple gemstones goes beyond their visual impact. Since ancient times, people have credited these stones for providing clarity and a more balanced life.

• Hand-hammered ring band
• Ring band width 1.5 mm
• Heavy nickel-free 14k gold-plated band
• Every stone varies slightly
• Features amethyst, spinel, pink sapphire, and tanzanite

• A perfect gift for people with February, August, September, and December birthdays