How to Stack Bracelets

How to Stack Bracelets

We love jewelry because it can really pull together an outfit, especially bracelets. They pop much more than rings and can make quite the statement when they’re stacked, properly. Dani Barbe makes some gorgeous bangles and today we’re going to show you a couple different stacking options!

Dani Barbe Stacking Bracelets

Option 1:

First put on the Classic Cuff (coming soon!) in gold. We always like to include a simple bangle when stacking to break things up!

Dani Barbe Classic Bangle

Now add the Iolite Whisper Cuff. This one is so delicate and stunning!

Dani Barbe Raw Gemstone Bracelets

Next add the Kyanite Square Cuff. We love mixing the square and circle bangles for added dimension.

Dani Barbe Stacking Cuffs

Last but not least is our favorite bracelet, the Topaz, Labradorite and Iolite Cuff. This cuff is simple like the first one but has three stones that look gorgeous together!

Dani Barbe Crystal Cuffs

As you can see we like to alternate between simple and bold cuffs for a complete stack!

Dani Barbe Styled Bracelets

Option 2:

For this stack we started with the Quartz Square Cuff. The quartz is very neutral so it goes with just about anything!

Dani Barbe Quartz Cuff

Next add the Classic Cuff (coming soon!) in silver. We love mixing metals via bracelet stacking!

Dani Barbe Quartz Cuff and Classic Cuff

Last, slip on the Iolite Whisper Cuff in silver. Again, we love how delicate and pretty this one is!

How to Stack Bracelets

We hope this post helps you create your own stunning stacks of bracelets! Don’t be afraid to mix metals, finishes, or colors. Make it your own!

Dani Barbe Raw Crystal Bracelets

Dani Barbe Cuffs

Written & photographed for by Britta & Carli Garsow 

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